Paddy and the rats - Never Walk Alone I was prowling all night down the Hell Street beside me a beggarman’s stinky dog Talking ’bout life so bona fide then woke up beside an old beggar mug Slept in the alley and dremt about Sally My pillow was my torn shoes Had a marvellous sleep on a drunk cold night Thank for the bittersweet booze If you don’t see the light On drunken winter nights And the pain’s deep in your bones And if you need a friend I’ll be there to hold your hand Then you’ll never walk alone Don’t let the sun and the skies fall down Whisper the sound from your soul Hold my weak hands and don’t say goodbye Then we’ll never walk alone I’m prowling all night with my hands in my pocket They’re harden into stone Just Pull me in deep so I dare to confess Sometimes you can't make it on your own Can’t hear my heart beaten until it’s covered with sorrow, we’re two worlds apart As I can find a silent place I’m one foot close to my heart How do you find the right way If there’s no shining light‌ How do you trust your real belief If destiny’s the one who’s defied‌ How can be the pain so timeless If time is on your side‌ How do you find your real belief If there’s no shining light‌