Paddy and the rats - Pilgrim On The Road As he walks along the trail He’s still all alone Tries to leave behind the demon That he draws along He knows it’s only in the mind It won’t rain all the time But nobody’s on the road So he has to go alone His cold look melts away As he faces the sun Tries to forget how long is He on the lonely run For a long time his homeward bound Get lost but not found But nobody’s on the road So he’s still on the run All the pain what you bear inside Comes away with the night All the pain eats you up alive But you know you have to carry on the fight On the rocky road to Dublin He hears a little lark Singing songs against the goblin And the ghost of dark Banishes all the doubts and fears At last replaces with cheer Last one goes the hope But he’s still all alone Stops by a ruinous church To have a little rest Burbles slowly a prayer With a chaplet in his hands Invokes god for help To save him from himself But nobody’s listening As he crosses the shelf Make way for the morning sun The ray of light shows the way to believing Don’t be scared until it’s gone If the rain comes back it washes away All your pain