Paddy and the rats - Wasted Time Wasted Time You’re coming from far And tired to being not who you are You’re not the same But you don’t have the power To tell them your name Feel, your silence won’t be broken You’re afraid of your demons, they’ll be with you ’round See yourself fallin’ Into the darkest, deep ground Coz you’re tied to the bound You’re born on a different cloud You feel that your life gonna be wasted So stand up and fight And what’s done don’t ever mind Don’t let your guilt to raise Coz you’re not born to be wasted Sing out your spleen You’re infected by sorrow So what cleans out you’re veins? Your smile’s only drain This is the hardest If noone’s to blame When silence is broken You’re afraid of your demons and monsters around And noone keeps holdin’ At nights when you’re hearing those sounds Now silence is broken Let your frustration buried and burned in your mind You’re lost and you’re frozen But you ready for something new now