Paddy and the rats - William We were sent to war In the name of St. Patrick The army of the Green Land, The Irish Catholics We came for King James Fear no one in this world Light a fire, now it’s time, Let the orange flags burn! William, we never surrender William , we never surrender William, we never surrender The Irish will always survive The English came across To stole our lands away They even tried to force us To leave our ancient way They destroyed the cross Of the chuch of St. Patrick Puritans, protestants really made us sick! The English lords were cruel They were flogging Irish backs Our people died of hunger Or left our holy land Queen Lizzy and Cromwell Brought us pain and death Puritans, protestants, we send you back in hell! The blood is green That’s running through our veins You’d better scream When our cavalry appears you see us ride the last thing you see Cannon fire, people die, we throw you in the sea!