Salt The Wound - Better Than This I’ve shed these tears a hundred times. The bottles are broken my wells run dry. And all these painful words make this much harder. You have no place here. I’ve left and so should you, should you. (2x)Take these chains that bound me from this place. Tonight is the last night you’ll see my face. Left alone I’ve wandered in this place all night. This has got to be the only way to make this right. Surely if I fell from these. I’ve held these tears back a hundred times the bottles are full and it’s my time to shine. Would you believe me if I told you... It was my time to die. I’ve wished for this all night. So show yourself I will fight. I will fight. (2x)Come at me with everything you’re made of come at me with everything you’ve got. All my life I’ve waited for the day when I could just drive and get away from this place. I need to get away from this place. I know that I am better than this.