Sin of Kain - Howling Sins Commercies the lecture of wanton's pilgrim They reek in the bespattered depths Slender reasons, wicked paramours Where the blackened walls preen Resplended ledge wherein cruelty lives She cleaves the austere pilgrim But Esther knows malificent and faulty Like rancorous witchcraft of the twitch In the Howling Sins of Alighting Whim Amorous emanations overcomes every reasons What shallow and sudden now and here Plunder of the nebular free will Whereto spectres and human can come Assails every remainded expectation In anguish with dissonant solace Sovereignity with the sum impressed the eerie purpose To destruct the legacy The legacy what was made for us and our sylphs Choking what vengeful to find scores to Caprice slays the lucidly and light knowledge To eat my raw flesh Insatiable blood thirst tortures her And the partial satisfying reins the calmy tempest In the Howling Sins of Alighting Whim