Sin of Kain - Mother Died Theres a breathing hole in the sky, A lost, misunderstood species In the hole called Earth that denies Instincts unchained, shaking hands, Declaring the month of death And the years of sear summers, While ones smiling on a picture An other praise tainted nothingness As mother, father, false symbols of life. From the cave doll-angels came to war, To show how Heaven looks like in the oil, In their minds knowing our Heavens doors Burning as their flood infects The Sacred Soil. Celebrate the words of our kind of freedom, Kept secret and safe by memories, Waiting on the doorstep since ninety-two Of the fifteenth centurian cradle of bravery. we own our divine force to hold our God on his armed throne and you wish that we were there where sand and traditions stare, we know your holes of rats and how to fire insects till all hopes fade, and the white doors open for the heretic suffocating in this dying tiranny, never tried to be-like us-so free, never tried to be, never tried to be Dear dog-saints, lead us on the path To the only one we can be, Lost dog-days rise now with the sun, Memorias des Toten Madre: Ave. See.