Soil - Deny Me Tell me does your pride bleed When you see me succeed Is that the gist of your story Now you had best get used to it Cause I ain't about to quit And i'm just now getting started Shame me, claim me or deceive me You grow sick every time ou hear me say believe me Every time I get one foot up You want to tear it down YOU DENY ME \ DECEIVER Every time I get one foot up You tear it down, knock it down, tear it down BELIEVER \ DENY ME I feel your hand on my throat As well as the knife in my back And the whole time you keep smiling What is your reason for this Why won't your hate just quit Life would better if you weren't struggling (BELIEVER) What's wrong with your world Doesn't taste the same as mine Aren't the shades the same as mine Pain, Agony, Regret, Fear Just dreams whisked away, TAKEN AWAY So now does your pride still bleed Every time that I succeed Now that you know that I'll keep trying Can your weak mind digest All that I'm feeding it