Sonic syndicate - Damage Control Weaving another web of lies around me Leaving an endless trail of pain behind me I donīt deserve the love you give to me How to mend the damage done to you? I would trade a kingdom for a real life mulligan To vindicate what I have done HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS SO MAYBE THAT`S WHERE I LEFT MINE I KNOW I HAVE FAILED YOU BUT PLEASE DON`T CHANGE THE LOCK ON YOUR HEART Encaged in a mirage of my own design Engaged something I hardly can define Even though Iīm always on my run Echoes of your voice still hunts me down Waging war on myself To vindicate what I have done The older that I get the more memories I have to leave behind Canīt undo anything at all but for you Iīll step in line and remain confined My halo will never glow again But the horns keep penetrate my skull