Suffocation - Ignorent Deprivation Tattooed from the camps that mark your existance on a planet deranged from the minds of the Reds. Inferior race awaiting the moment when you are dismissed from your service in life. Captive in torment, the merciless slaughter of souls misfortuned at birth. Taken from wombs before they are nurtured, subjected to torture unknown. Where bodies once lay, the ground in now fertile to sprout the tree of damnation. A sign of remembrance that brings forth the hatred which haunts the deceivers of life. This deadly disease which goes through one man, to speak upon one as inferior. Their heads will hang low because in time they will acknowledge the human race as the superior. Families incarcerated commit spousal murder to avoid the sightly pain of their loved ones. Abducted while sane, now insane, not by choice, It was forced by the crisis of murder. Constant infanticide plagues loving mothers as their newborn is placed in a bed of dead roses.