Suffocation - Seeds Of The Suffering Seeds of the Suffering Lies, deceitful words of impatience Futile words of evasion The gods that have once spoken to me Have abandoned me to my pre-destined state A state in which there are no words, is no language Only the language of the endless suffering Suffering that brings me to appreciate my new found existence One that spawns forth a new being A being in which there is no appreciation for his fellow man to see Hatred and remorse unto those who have punished me Punishment to cold to see I don't see, I don't see One that I have once created Forced to change, I don't need The path of abomination of all things For I am now a seed, that will one day set forth a new race One that will cleanse my soul Anticipation of the weak-minded fools One that my once beloved gods will not recognize Race which feeds off the suffering As the mortals cry out their new found god The race grows strong Until the day The day of judgement The race grows strong Until the day