Voivod - Morpheus Low ceiling, chains hanging Shiny chrome, leave me alone Neon lights, blind my sight Dried blood stains, this is insane You came to see me, don't want to see you I live in my world, so do not disturb The thing inside me, won't let me free It is so unreal, it's not a bad dream I've lost the time, I've lost my mind I'm missing you, yes all of you Is it a shame, to ease the pain? Me and my bones want to go home You're talking to me, should I believe you? It's sounding so fake, I'm feeling so lame The thing inside me, won't let me be This nightmare is real, let me out of me You came to see me, it's good to see you I'm in a new world, you're still in yours The thing inside me, no longer in me You wish I'm still there, I wish you were here http://rockerek.hu/