Watch my dying - Magnetic Flesh-Thrusts (5:32) a piston screams bitterly the machine slowly starts i`ll endure it until the CO2 is enough behind the steerin’ wheel U drive silently i wish 4 collision the weight does me in but U know it`s O important B’cause i`ll die if U stop 2 avoid making me dead but some 1 has 2 drive get dressed then bandage k safe Yo’ face where U arrived from mask Yo’ trace k what U hide O 1 should see wear all the wounds o’ my kisses in U i think i beat myself and then i beat U in my head i leave tufts B’in’ torn on pieces of the broken door i kneel in electrip dream circuit i stretch the strings thereafter inversely Fleshmagnet attracts me steam escapes from the valve it will burn me when the ragin’ furnace comes it`s overdriven it will O B empty hotter