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Aurora Black Vocal/Guitar : Adam Estrada
Keyboard : Räffi Tchamäniän
Drums : Nikolus Trujillo
Guitar : Christaphor Baghdadlian
Bass : Phil Garcia

Albumok :

The Silence Between Notes (2003)
Aurora Black - The Silence Between Notes1.Ketoacidosis 
2.This Eras Fate 
3.A Means To The End 
Burial in the Sea (2005)
Aurora Black - Burial in the Sea1.Into the Watery Grave(Intro) 
3.Charon`s Boat 
4.The Kraken 
5.Evoking the Entity of Daedulus 
6.Song of the Sirens(Interlude) 
7.Sea of Daemons 
8.Within the Depth of the Mountains 
9.The Ocean as Dark as the Heavens 
10.The Coming of Cetus(Outro) 
Rest In Fire EP (2007)
Aurora Black - Rest In Fire EP1.Intro: Severed Hands 
2.Burning Alive 
4.This Era of Hate 
5.Rest In Fire 
6.Outro: Beneath Bahamut 
7.Within the Trees 
And The Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow (2008)
Aurora Black - And The Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow1.Intro- Into The Woods Of Bleeding Trees 
2.When The Boars Are Feasting 
3.Dripping Limbs, Faces Of Torment 
4.King Of Worms 
5.Lake Of Organs 
6.Decapitated Angel 
7.Intro- In Endless Depression 
8.And The Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow 
9.The Waking Cold 
10.The Last Hours Of Life 
11.The Orchestra Of Grief [watch video]
12.A Brief Moment Of Clarity 
13.A Distant Spirit Weeps 
14.Before The Sun Was Created 
15.Concealed Behind Stone 
16.Forever In Mourning 
17.Outro- Seeds 

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