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Babylon A.D. Lead Vocals : Derek Davis
Guitar and vocals : Ron Freschi
Guitar : Danny De La Rosa
Bass Guitar and vocals : Eric Pacheco
drums and percussion : James "Jamey" Pacheco
Babylon A.D. is a glam metal band formed in the 1980s. ---> The band was formed in Oakland, California by Derek Davis, Ron Freschi, Danny De La Rosa, Robb Reid and Jamey Pacheco in the year of 1985. They became the first hard rock band ever to sign to Arista Records and their debut album entitled "Babylon A.D." reached the top 100 billboard charts. They also made a single on the song "Bang Go The Bells", which became a smaller success and contributed to the album hitting the charts. Additionally, the track "The Kid Goes Wild" made it onto the "Robocop 2" soundtrack and featured a screaming rant from comic Sam Kinison. ---> After their second album in 1994 the band split up due to shifting of tides in the music industry. In 1998 the band reunited but without Robb Reid who previously played the bass guitar and no longer wanted to tour. Instead Jamey's younger brother Eric Pacheco joined the band for bass duty. They recorded "American Blitzkrieg" on the incredibly small budget of $5000 and released it on their own label, entitled Apocalypse. After "American Blitzkrieg" Derek Davis and Jamey Pacheco started another project called "American Blues Box". Fans believed that one day, BAD would resurrect once again. ---> In late 2007, Ron Freschi started a project called Syrym, providing a return to the guitar-heavy sound of Babylon A.D.'s debut album. Syrym's self-titled debut was released for digital download on August 16, 2008. The CD version of the album was released October 17, 2008. Their first single, "Warpath," hit stores June 25, 2008.[1] Drummer Jamey Pacheco joined Syrym in July 2008.[2]

Albumok :

Babylon A.D. (1989)
Babylon A.D. - Babylon A.D. 1.Bang Go The Bells 
2.Hammer Swings Down, 
3.Caught Up In The Crossfire, 
5.The Kid Goes Wild 
6.Shot O` Love 
8.Back In Babylon 
9.Sweet Temptation 
10.Sally Danced 
Nothing Sacred (1992)
Babylon A.D. - Nothing Sacred 1.Take The Dog Off The Chain 
2.Bad Blood 
3.So Savage The Heart 
4.Sacrifice Your Love 
6.Down The River Of No Return 
7.Psychedelic Sex Reaction 
8.Dream Train 
9.Blind Ambition 
10.Slave Your Body 
11.Of The Rose 
12.Pray For The Wicked 
Live in Your Face (1999)
Babylon A.D. - Live in Your Face 1.Bang Go The Bells 
2.Hammer Swings Down 
3.The Kid Goes Wild 
4.So Savage The Heart 
6.Sacrifice Your Love 
8.Take The Dog Off The Chain 
9.Bad Blood 
10.Down the River of No Return 
11.Girls got Rhythm 
12.Cats in the Cellar 
American Blitzkrieg (2000)
Babylon A.D. - American Blitzkrieg 1.American Blitzkrieg 
2.Magic Mary 
3.I Wana Live 
4.Sinking In The Sand 
5.The Sky`s Falling 
6.The Unreal 
7.One Way Ride 

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