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2009-10-18 Budapest - Diesel - Into Darkness Tour 2009 [Képtár]
The Birthday Massacre is a synth rock band, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band was officially formed in 1999, known at that time as Imagica. The band consists of Chibi (vocals), Rainbow (guitars and programming), Michael Falcore (guitars), Owen (keyboards), O.E. (previously drums, now bass), and Rhim (drums).Their sound is mostly a fusion of retro electronica and dynamic contemporary songwriting. Elements of children’s fiction and adult fantasy are combined with twisting distortion and euphoric melody to create a unique and original sound dubbed “post-retro”. This sound is also affiliated with “synth rock” a rising genre influenced by elements 80’s synthpop, industrial, and gothic rock. The group originated in London, Ontario under the name Imagica. The group’s original line-up consisted of: Chibi, Rainbow, Michael Falcore, and Aslan Osiris (bass). Dank played live keyboards and O.E. joined the group on live drums. A seven-song limited edition demo was released.In 2001, Dank left the group, and the others relocated from London to Toronto, Ontario, to begin recording. There, they recorded another limited edition demo, this time with five songs.Shortly thereafter, the band adopted the name The Birthday Massacre. In July of 2002, The Birthday Massacre independently released a limited edition CD entitled “Nothing and Nowhere”. In 2003, Adm joined the band on live keyboards and Rhim on drums.

Albumok :

Walking With Strangers (2007)
 1.Kill The Lights 
3.Falling Down 
5.Red Stars 
6.Looking Glass 
8.Remember Me 
9.To Die For 
10.Walking With Strangers 
Looking Glass (2008)
 1.Looking Glass 
2.Falling Down (Crawling Pulse Mix) 
4.Red Stars (Lukewarm Lover Mix) 
6.Red Stars (Space Lab Mix) 
7.Weekend (NYC 77 Mix) 
8.I Think We`re Alone Now 

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