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Bonfire Ének : Claus Lessmann
Gitár : Hans Ziller
Gitár : Chris Limburg
Basszusgitár : Uwe Köhler
Dobok : Dominik Huelshorst

Albumok :

Don't Touch the Light (1986)
Bonfire - Don1.Intro 
2.Starin` Eyes 
3.Hot To Rock 
4.You Make Me Feel 
5.Longing For You 
6.Don`t Touch The Light 
8.No More 
Fireworks (1987)
Bonfire - Fireworks 1.Ready 4 Reaction 
2.Never Mind 
3.Sleeping All Alone 
5.Don`t Get Me Wrong 
6.Sweet Obsession 
7.Rock Me Now 
8.American Nights 
10.Give It A Try 
11.Cold Days 
Point Blank (1989)
Bonfire - Point Blank 1.Bang Down The Door 
2.Waste No Time 
3.Hard On Me 
4.Why Is It Never Enough 
5.Tony`s Roulette 
7.You`re Back 
8.Look Of Love 
9.The Price Of Loving You 
10.Freedom Is My Belief 
11.Gimme Some 
12.Say Goodbye 
13.Never Surrender 
14.(20th Century) Youth Patrol 
15.Jungle Call 
16.Know Right Now 
17.Who`s Foolin` Who 
Knock Out (1991)
Bonfire - Knock Out 1.Streets Of Freedom 
2.The Stroke 
3.Dirty Love 
4.Rivers Of Glory 
5.Home Babe 
6.Shake Down 
7.Hold You 
8.Down And Out 
9.Take My Heart And Run 
10.All We Got 
11.Fight For Love 
Feels Like Comin' Home (1996)
Bonfire - Feels Like Comin1.Easy Come Easy Go 
2.Back To You 
3.Feels Like Comin` Home 
5.I`d Love You To Want Me 
7.Right Now 
8.Highway To Your Dreams 
9.You Are All 
10.Whenever You Cry 
11.Rock `N` Roll Cowboy 
12.I Don`t Want You 
13.Can`t Wait 
14.Feels Like Comin` Home (Piano Version) 
Rebel Soul (1998)
Bonfire - Rebel Soul1.Back To You (Remix) 
2.Wake Up 
3.Just To Say We Did 
4.Before We Say Goodbye 
5.Somebody`s Waiting 
6.Lay Your Heart On The Line 
7.Hearts Bleed Their Own Blood 
8.Rock Me `Til I Die 
10.Good Or Bad 
11.The First Cut Is The Deepest 
12.You`ll Be Alright 
14.Wild Dixie 
Fuel To The Flames (1999)
Bonfire - Fuel To The Flames 1.Daytona Nights 
2.Don`t Go Changing Me 
3.Proud Of My Country 
4.Sweet Home Alabama 
5.Rebel Pride 
6.Goodnight Amanda 
7.Ode An Die Freude 
8.Thumbs Up For Europe 
9.Bandit Of Love 
10.Break Down The Walls 
11.Heat In The Glow 
12.Life After Love 
13.If It Wasn`t For You 
14.Can`t Stop Rockin` 
Strike Ten (2001)
Bonfire - Strike Ten 1.Revelation Day 
2.Under Blue Skies 
3.Strike Back 
4.Down To Atlanta 
5.Southern Winds 
6.Good Time Rock `N` Roll 
7.Until The Last Goodbye 
8.Diamonds In The Rough 
9.Damn You 
10.Anytime You Cry 
11.Too Much Hollywood 
12.I Need You 
13.Angel In White 
Free (2003)
 1.On And On... 
2.I Would Do Anything 4 U 
3.What About Love? 
4.Rock `N` Roll Star (Born To Rock) 
6.Preachers & Whores 
7.Love CCA 
8.Give A Little 
9.September On My Mind 
Double X (2006)
Bonfire - Double X 1.Day 911 
2.But We Still Rock 
3.Cry For Help 
4.Bet Your Bottom Dollar 
5.What`s On Your Mind? 
6.Blink Of An Eye 
7.Rap Is Crap! 
8.Notion Of Love 
9.Right Things Right 
10.Hard To Say 
11.Wings To Fly 
12.So What? 
13.Blink Of An Eye (Extended Version) 
The Räuber (2008)
Bonfire - The Räuber 1.The Rauber 
2.Bells Of Freedom 
3.Refugee Of Fate 
4.The Oath 
5.Blut Und Todt 
6.Love Don`t Lie 
7.Black Night 
8.Hip Hip Hurray 
9.Do You Still Love Me 
10.Let Me Be Your Water 
11.Lass Die Toten Schlafen 
12.The Good Die Young 
14.Father`s Return 
15.Love Don`t Lie (Acoustic Mix) 
16.Do You Still Love Me (Acoustic Mix) 
17.Hip Hip Hurray (German Version) 

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