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Brodequin Vocals/Bass : Jamie Bailey
Guitar : Mike Bailey
Drums : Jon Engman
(ex)Drums : Chad Walls
(ex)Drums : Henning Paulsen

Albumok :

Demo (1999)
Brodequin - Demo1.Spinning In Agony 
3.Infested With Worms 
Instruments Of Torture (2000)
Brodequin - Instruments Of Torture1.Spinning In Agony 
4.The Virgin Of Nuremberg 
5.Duke Of Exeter 
6.Infested With Worms 
7.Burnt In Effigy 
10.Feast Of Flesh 
Festival Of Death (2001)
Brodequin - Festival Of Death1.Mazzatello 
2.Judas Cradle 
3.Trial By Ordeal 
4.Torches Of Nero 
5.Vivum Excoriari 
6.Lake Of The Dead 
7.Blood Of The Martyr 
8.Gilles De Rais 
9.Flow Of Maggots 
10.Bronze Bowl 
11.Auto De Fe/Raped In The Back Of A Van 
Prelude To Execution(EP) (2003)
Brodequin - Prelude To Execution(EP)1.Cast Into Torment 
Methods Of Execution (2004)
Brodequin - Methods Of Execution1.Slaves To The Pyre 
2.The Gridiron 
3.The Red Theatre 
4.Pressing To Plead 
5.Tyburn Field 
6.Durance Vile 
7.Lingering Existence 
8.Cast Into Torment 
10.Punishment Without Mercy 
11.Methods Of Execution 

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