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Lie: The Love and Terror Cult (1970)
Charles Manson - Lie: The Love and Terror Cult1.Look at Your Game, Girl 
3.Mechanical Man 
4.People Say I`m No Good 
5.Home Is Where You`re Happy 
7.I`ll Never Say Never to Always 
8.Garbage Dump 
9.Don`t Do Anything Illegal 
10.Sick City 
11.Cease to Exist 
12.Big Iron Door 
13.I Once Knew a Man 
14.Eyes of a Dreamer 
Live At San Quentin (1993)
Charles Manson - Live At San Quentin1.Boxcar Willie And Big Bad Joe 
2.Television Mind 
3.Marylin Monroe Was My Childhood Shame 
5.And As I Told You On This Chord Once Before 
6.So As The Hour Goes On That I Will Spend With You 
7.I Got A Tough Bastard Child Want To Become Into A Samurai 
8.So Today Has Been A Good Day 
9.My Name Is Sam McGee 
10.Take Me To The Summer Road 
11.My Feelings Begin To Grow 
12.And I`d Like To Say Hello To Some Of My Friends 
13.So The Mood Was Broken 
Commemoration (1994)
Charles Manson - Commemoration1.Introduction 
2.The Hallways Of The Always 
3.A Peace In Your Heart 
4.Give Your Love (To Be Free) 
6.The Hallways Of The Always (reprise) 
7.Searchlight Dreams 
8.Down In The Nuremberg 
9.Father In The Universal Sky 
10.Down In Dixieland 
12.Walking Through Forever 
14.A Tribute To Hank Williams 
15.Be Free (Be To Be Free) 
16.Shakespeare`s Clown 
17.Hobo`s Lament 
18.Yellow Blues 
19.The Spaceman 
20.A Peace In Your Heart (reprise) 
21.I`m Free Now 
Manson Speaks (1995)
Charles Manson - Manson Speaks1.See, The Truth Is Honor, Honor Is The Truth 
2.You And I Meet Each Other In A Field Of Honor 
3.Hollywood Is Destroying The State Of California 
4.Prison Was Only To Give A Man A Chance To Start All Over 
5.Every Time I Met Him He Was Somebody Else 
6.Did You Notice My Head Was On Fire 
7.Everybody`s Stuck In The Realities That Are Already Made 
8.All Those Kids That Did All Those Things They Did 
9.There`s Two Brotherhoods That Run The Military 
10.The Tale Of A Wonderless Trail 
11.It Was A Balmy Summer Evening 
12.How Long Does A Dog Live? 
13.You Know What To Do, As Much As I Do 
14.This Wizard`s Lesson 
15.Do Not Be Stuck In Your Ignorance, I`ve Got Enough Of My Own 
16.As You Walk In Forever 
The Family Jams (1997)
Charles Manson - The Family Jams 1.A Gamblin` Man Come From Natchez 
2.Ride Away 
3.Die To Be One 
4.The Fires Are Burning 
5.Give Your Love (To Be Free) 
6.The Young Will Overcome 
7.Goin` To The Church House 
8.The Fires Are Burning 
9.I`ll Never Say Never To Always 
10.Die To Be One 
11.Look At Your Love 
12.I Can`t Remember When 
13.Give Your Love (To Be Free) London Bridge Is Falling Down 
The Way of the Wolf (1998)
Charles Manson - The Way of the Wolf1.In Your Music Mind 
2.I`m Doin` Fine/Stars/Friends 
3.Dream Train/My Oklahoma Angel Love 
4.Indian War Song 
5.ATWA: Message To The People Of The Earth/Computer Perfection 
6.Universal Law 
7.Blind Sky 
8.All In The Motions 
9.In The Infinite Mind 
10.Red Snake 
11.Eternal Wind 
12.Dead Grass Growing In The Garden 
14.Prison Conversation 
All the Way Alive (2003)
Charles Manson - All the Way Alive1.Devil Man 
2.The More You Love 
3.Two Pair of Shoes 
4.Maiden With Green Eyes (Remember Me) 
5.Swamp Girl 
6.Bet You Think I Care 
7.Look At Your Game Girl (alternate version) 
9.Who To Blame 
10.True Love You Will Find 
11.My World 
12.Invisible Tears 
13.This Is Night Life 
One Mind (2005)
Charles Manson - One Mind1.I Can See You 
2.Angels Fear to Tread 
3.Riding on Your Fears 
4.I Don`t Need Water Sprinklers in the Desert 
5.Your Magic Motion 
6.Whoever You Are 
7.The Black Pirate 
8.So We Go Again 
9.Self Is Eternal (What Our World Will Be) 
10.Sometimes It Works Just Right 
11.Sweet Words 
13.If You Have No One 
14.I Keep on Wondering (Interrupted) 
15.1967" / "Mac Brother 
16.Venice, California 

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Marilyn Monroe, Abitn

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