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Conducting From The Grave Vocal : Lou Tanuis
Guitar : John Abernathy
Guitar : Jeff Morgan
Bass : Steven Lovas
Drums : Greg Donnelly

Albumok :

Trials Of The Forsaken (2005)
Conducting From The Grave - Trials Of The Forsaken1.Improper Burial 
2.Eternally Gutted 
3.The Skies Are Blackened Not By Clouds, But Insects 
4.A Never Ending Search For Closure 
5.In Times Of Wars And Worries 
6.When Two Blood Types Coalesce 
Demo (2007)
 1.From Ruins We Rise 
2.The Skies Are Blackened 
3.Marching Towards Extinction 
When Legends Become Dust (2009)
Conducting From The Grave - When Legends Become Dust1.The Calming Effect 
2.When Legends Become Dust 
3.A Never Ending Search For Closure 
4.Eternally Gutted 
5.Marching Towards Extinction 
6.Burdens Of A Dying World 
7.Improper Burial 
8.The Skies Are Blackened .... Not by Clouds But Insects 
9.From Ruins We Rise 
10.Hit The Lights (Armageddons Here) 
Revenants (2010)
Conducting From The Grave - Revenants1.And Our War Will Dawn 
2.The Tyrant`s Throne 
3.Unholiest Of Nightmares 
4.Her Poisoned Tongues 
5.Path Of A Traitor 
7.We Who Shall Conquer 
8.Curse In The Twilight 
10.What Monsters We Have Become (Pt.1) 
11.What Monsters We Have Become (Pt.2) 

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