Dakrya Vocals : Christina Kalantzi
Guitars & Vocals : George Droulias
Vocals : Thomais Chatzigianni
Keyboards : Sophia Charalampous
Bass : Alex Drake
Drums & Noise : Stavros Vorisis
Guitars : Angelos Charogiannis
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  • Back in late 2004 the idea of a band that could develop a theatrical attitude and combine different musical elements with the dynamics of metal and rock sound, brought DaKryA to life
    Following the usual demos and local live shows, the band released its debut album "Monumento" in the spring of 2008 through Another Sphere Records (France) and 279 Productions (Greece). Receiving great reviews good support from both the media and the fans in and around Greece, DaKryA started touring on a broader scale, supporting such bands as MOONSPELL.
    In 2009 the band began to work on new material; the main goal was to put even more emphasis on the 'theatrical' style of DaKryA, and in January 2010 the band entered the studio with engineer George Bokos (Rotting Christ) to record their sophomore album, "Crime Scene".
    Come March 2010 the band finds themselves sitting in a studio in Sweden mixing the album together with Pelle Saether (Diablo Swing Orchestra, Draconian, Madder Morten), followed by a trip to other Swedish sound-guru Göran Finnberg (Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Arch Enemy) for the mastering of the disc.
    By summer 2010 the band has decided it's time to find strong partners for brining the music and theater of DaKryA out to the worldwide audience, and thus they team up with Intromental Management and Sensory Records for the promotion and release of "Crime Scene".
    Many musicians joined the band through the years but only a few managed to share the band’s vision with a strong will and become part of it. A New Era has arrived!
    When seven Greek charlatans get together, the musical visions that springs from their minds, can only be described as a true freakshow.

    Albumok :

    MONUMENTO (2008 / Full Length) (2008)
    Dakrya - MONUMENTO (2008 / Full Length)1.Crucifixion of Faith 
    2.Thorns of Punishement 
    3.The Newborn Hope 
    4.Reflections & Illusions 
    5.Waters of Oblivion 
    6.Inner Scream 
    7.Revelations of a Madman 
    8.Into the Vortex 
    9.Black Opera (Opus IX) 
    10.Wingless Souls (Bonus Track) 
    THE URBAN TRIBE (2010 / CD-Single) (2010)
    Dakrya - THE URBAN TRIBE (2010 / CD-Single)1.The Urban Tribe [03:58] 
    CRIME SCENE (2010 / Full Length) (2010)
    Dakrya - CRIME SCENE (2010 / Full Length)1.The Charlatans 
    2.Blind Man`s Bluff 
    4.The Urban Tribe 
    8.Dramatis Personae 
    9.A Dreadful Sidescene 

    Kedvencek közé jelölték :
    _Petra_, Lord Dravek

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