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Dark Tranquillity Énekes : Mikael Stanne
Gitár : Niklas Sundin
Gitár : Martin Henriksson
Billentyűs : Martin Brändström
Dobok : Anders Jivarp
Gitár : Daniel Antonsson

Albumok :

Trail Of Life Decayed [Demo] (1991)
Dark Tranquillity -  Trail Of Life Decayed [Demo]1.Midwinter (Intro) 
2.Beyond Enlightenment 
3.Vernal Awakening 
4.Void Of Tranquillity 
A Moonclad Reflection [EP] (1992)
Dark Tranquillity -  A Moonclad Reflection [EP]1.Unfurled By Dawn 
Trail Of Life Decayed [EP] (1992)
Dark Tranquillity -  Trail Of Life Decayed [EP]1.Midwinter (Intro) 
2.Beyond Enlightenment 
3.Void Of Tranquillity 
Skydancer (1993)
Dark Tranquillity -  Skydancer1.Nightfall By The Shore Of Time 
2.Crimson Winds 
3.A Bolt Of Blazing Gold 
4.In Tears Bereaved 
6.Through Ebony Archways 
7.Shadow Duet 
8.My Faeryland Forgotten 
Of Chaos And Eternal Night [EP] (1995)
Dark Tranquillity -  Of Chaos And Eternal Night [EP]1.Of Chaos And Eternal Night 
2.With The Flaming Shades Of Fall 
3.Away, Delight, Away 
4.Alone `94 
The Gallery (1995)
Dark Tranquillity -  The Gallery1.Punish My Heaven 
2.Silence, And The Firmament Withdrew 
4.The Dividing Line 
5.The Gallery 
6.The One Brooding Warning 
7.Midway Through Infinity 
9.The Emptiness From Which I Fed 
10.Mine Is the Grandeur... 
11.... Of Melancholy Burning 
12.Bringer Of Torture [Kreator cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus] 
13.Sacred Reich [Sacred Reich cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus] 
14.22 Acacia Avenue [Iron Maiden cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus] 
15.Lady In Black [Mercyful Fate cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus] 
16.My Friend Of Misery [Metallica cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus] 
Enter Suicidal Angels [EP] (1996)
Dark Tranquillity -  Enter Suicidal Angels [EP]1.Zodijackyl Light 
3.Shadowlit Facade 
The Mind's I (1997)
Dark Tranquillity -  The Mind1.Dreamlore Degenerate 
2.Zodijackyl Light 
4.Scythe, Rage And Roses 
6.Dissolution Factor Red 
7.Insanity`s Crescendo 
8.Still Moving Sinews 
9.Atom Heart 243.5 
10.Tidal Tantrum 
12.The Mind`s Eye 
Projector (1999)
Dark Tranquillity -  Projector1.FreeCard 
3.UnDo Control 
5.To A Bitter Halt 
6.The Sun Fired Blanks 
7.Nether Novas 
8.Day To End 
10.On Your Time 
11.Exposure [bonus] 
12.No One 
13.+ UnDo Control [Live in Poland 2002] [Korean version bonus] 
Skydancer Chaos [Compilation] (2000)
Dark Tranquillity -  Skydancer Chaos [Compilation]1.Nightfall By The Shore Of Time 
2.Crimson Winds 
3.A Bolt Of Blazing Gold 
4.In Tears Bereaved 
6.Through Ebony Archways 
7.Shadow Duet 
8.My Faeryland Forgotten 
10.Of Chaos And Eternal Night 
11.With The Flaming Shades Of Fall 
12.Away, Delight, Away 
13.Alone `94 
Haven (2000)
Dark Tranquillity -  Haven1.The Wonders At Your Feet 
2.Not Built To Last 
3.Indifferent Suns 
4.Feast Of Burden 
6.The Same 
8.Ego Drama 
10.Emptier Still 
11.At Loss For Words 
12.Cornered [Japanese bonus] 
13.Misery In Me 
14.In Sight 
15.+ ThereIn [video] [digipak bonus] 
Damage Done (2002)
Dark Tranquillity -  Damage Done1.Final Resistance 
2.Hours Passed In Exile 
3.Monochromatic Stains 
4.Single Part Of Two 
5.The Treason Wall 
6.Format C: For Cortex 
7.Damage Done 
8.Cathode Ray Sunshine 
9.The Enemy 
10.I, Deception 
11.White Noise/Black Silence 
12.Ex Nihilo 
13.The Poison Well [Japanese bonus] 
14.Static [bonus] 
Lost To Apathy [EP] (2004)
Dark Tranquillity -  Lost To Apathy [EP]1.Lost To Apathy 
2.Derivation TNB 
3.The Endless Feed [Chaos Seed remix version] 
4.UnDo Control [live] 
5.+ Lost To Apathy (video) 
6.+ DT screensaver 
Character (2005)
Dark Tranquillity -  Character1.The New Build 
2.Through Smudged Lenses 
3.Out Of Nothing 
4.The Endless Feed 
5.Lost To Apathy 
6.Mind Matters 
7.One Thought 
8.Dry Run 
9.Am I 1? 
10.Senses Tied 
11.My Negation 
12.Derivation TSB 
13.Damage Done [Live in Korea] 
14.The Wonders At Your Feet [Live in Korea] 
15.Final Resistance [Live in Korea] 
16.The Treason Wall [Live in Korea] 
17.+ Lost To Apathy [video] 
Focus Shift [Single] (2007)
Dark Tranquillity -  Focus Shift [Single]1.Focus Shift 
2.Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive) 
Yesterworlds [Compilation] (2009)
Dark Tranquillity -  Yesterworlds [Compilation]1.Midwinter (Intro) 
2.Beyond Enlightenment 
3.Vernal Awakening 
4.Void Of Tranquillity 
5.Unfurled By Dawn 
7.Punish My Heaven 
8.Away, Delight, Away 
9.The Gallery 
10.Punish My Heaven 
Misery's Crown [Single] (2009)
Dark Tranquillity -  Misery1.Misery`s Crown 
Shadow In Our Blood [Single] (2010)
Dark Tranquillity -  Shadow In Our Blood [Single]1.Shadow In Our Blood 
We Are The Void (2010)
Dark Tranquillity -  We Are The Void1.Shadow In Our Blood 
2.Dream Oblivion 
3.The Fatalist 
4.In My Absence 
5.The Grandest Accusation 
6.At The Point Of Ignition 
7.Her Silent Language 
9.I Am The Void 
10.Surface The Infinite 
12.Zero Distance 
13.Star Of Nothingness 
14.To Where Fires Cannot Feed 
15.Out Of Gravity 
16.The Bow And The Arrow 
17.+ Studio Report 2009 - The Making Of The Void 
18.+ Making Of Shadow In Our Blood Video 
19.+ Where Death Is Most Alive DVD Trailer 
20.+ ThereIn [Live in Milan] 
21.+ Final Resistance [Live in Milan] 
22.+ Shadow In Our Blood Video 
23.+ Dream Oblivion [Live With Full Force 2010] 
24.+ The Fatalist [Live London 2010] 
25.+ The Grandest Accusation [Video Backdrop] 
26.+ Iridium [Live Summerbreeze 2010] 
27.+ Iridium Video 
28.+ Zero Distance Video 
Zero Distance [EP] (2012)
Dark Tranquillity -  Zero Distance [EP]1.Zero Distance 
2.Out Of Gravity 
3.Star Of Nothingness 
4.To Where Fires Cannot Feed 
5.The Bow And The Arrow 
Construct (2013)
Dark Tranquillity - Construct1.For Broken Words 
2.The Science Of Noise 
4.The Silence In Between 
6.What Only You Know 
7.Endtime Hearts 
8.State Of Trust 
9.Weight Of The End 
10.None Becoming 
12.Photon Dreams 

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