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where lovers monin (2004)
Draconian - where lovers monin1.The Cry Of Silence 
2.Silent Winter 
3.A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal 
4.The Solitude 
5.Reversio Ad Secessum 
6.The Amaranth 
8.It Grieves My Heart 
arcana rain fell (2005)
Draconian - arcana rain fell1.A Scenery Of Loss 
2.Daylight Misery 
3.The Apostasy Canticle 
5.Heaven Laid In Tears (Angel`s Lament) 
6.The Abhorrent Rays 
7.The Everlasting Scar 
8.Death, Come Near Me 
the burning halo (2006)
Draconian - the burning halo1.She Dies 
2.Through Infectious Waters (A Sickness Elegy) 
3.The Dying 
4.Serenade of Sorrow 
5.The Morningstar 
6.The Gothic Embrace 
7.On Sunday They Will Kill The World (Ekseption cover) 
8.Forever My Queen (Pentagram cover) 
turning season within (2008)
Draconian - turning season within1.Seasons Apart 
2.When I Wake 
4.Not Breathing 
5.The Failure Epiphany 
6.Morphine Cloud 
8.The Empty Stare 
9.September Ashes 
No Greater Sorrow (single) (2008)
Draconian - No Greater Sorrow (single)1.No Greater Sorrow 
A Rose for the Apocalypse (2011)
Draconian - A Rose for the Apocalypse 1.The Drowning Age 
2.The Last Hour Ancient Sunlight 
3.End Of The Rope 
4.Elysian Night 
6.Dead World Assembly 
7.A Phantom Dissonance 
8.The Quiet Storm 
9.The Death Of Hours 
10.Wall Of Sighs 
Sovran (2015)
Draconian - Sovran1.Heavy Lies the Crown 
2.The Wretched Tide 
3.Pale Tortured Blue 
4.Stellar Tombs 
5.No Lonelier Star 
6.Dusk Mariner 
8.Rivers Between Us 
9.The Marriage of Attaris 
10.With Love and Defiance 

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