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  ének : Mike Williams
gitár : Jimmy Bower
gitár : Brian Patton
dobok : Joey LaCaze
basszusgitár : Gary Mader

Albumok :

In The Name of Suffering (1992)
Eyehategod - In The Name of Suffering1.Depress 
2.Man is Too Ignorant to Exist 
5.Run it to the ground 
7.Children of God 
8.Left to Starve 
9.Hostility Dose 
10.Hit a Girl 
Take as Needed for Pain (1993)
Eyehategod - Take as Needed for Pain1.Blank 
2.Sisterfucker (Part I) 
4.White Nigger 
5.30$ Bag 
7.Take as Needed for Pain 
8.Sisterfucker (Part II) 
9.Crimes Against Skin 
10.Kill Your Boss 
11.Who Gave her the roses 
12.Laugh it off 
13.Ruptured Heart Theory 
14.Story of the Eye 
15.Blank / Shoplift 
16.Southern Discomfort 
17.Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere 
18.Lack of Almost Everything 
Dopesick (1996)
Eyehategod - Dopesick1.My Name is God (I Hate You) 
2.Dogs Holy Life 
3.Masters of Legalized Confusion 
4.Dixie Whiskey 
5.Ruptured Heart Theory 
6.Non Conductive Negative Reasoning 
7.Lack of Almost Everything 
8.Zero Nowhere 
10.Peace Thru War (Thru Peace and War) 
11.Broken Down But Not Locked Up 
12.Anxiety Hangover 
Sabbath Jam (split az Anal Cunt-tal) (1997)
Eyehategod - Sabbath Jam (split az Anal Cunt-tal)1.Sabbath Jam (Eyehategod) 
2.Killing Yourself to Live (Anal Cunt) 
3.It`s Alright (Anal Cunt) 
4.Sabbra Cadabra (Anal Cunt) 
5.Blow on a Jug (Anal Cunt) 
Southern Discomfort (válogatás) (2000)
Eyehategod - Southern Discomfort (válogatás)1.Ruptured Heart Theory 
2.Story of the Eye 
4.Southern Discomfort 
5.Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere 
6.Lack of Almost Everything 
7.Peace Thru War (Thru Peace and War) 
9.Dopesick Jam 
Confederacy of Ruined Lives (2000)
Eyehategod - Confederacy of Ruined Lives1.Revelation / Revolution 
2.Blood Money 
3.Jackass in the Will of God 
4.Self Medication Blues 
5.The Concussion Machine Process 
6.Inferior and Full of Anxiety 
8.99 Miles of Bad Road 
9.Last Year (She Wanted a Doll House) 
10.Corruption Scheme 
10 Years of Abuse (and Still Broke) (live) (2001)
Eyehategod - 10 Years of Abuse (and Still Broke) (live)1.Left to Starve 
2.Hit a Girl 
4.Children of God 
5.White Nigger 
7.Take as Needed for Pain 
8.My Name is God (I Hate You) 
9.Lack of Almost Everything 
10.Blood Money 
11.Children of God 
12.Sister Fucker Pt. 1&2 
13.30$ Bag 
14.Zero Nowhere 
99 Miles of Bad Road (EP) (2004)
 1.99 Miles of Bad Road 
2.Story of the eye 
3.Jackass in the Will of God 
I Am the Gestapo (split a Cripple Bastards-szal) (2004)
 1.I Am the Gestapo (Eyehategod) 
2.Self-Zeroing (Cripple Bastards) 
Preaching the "End-Time" Message (vűlogatás) (2005)
Eyehategod - Preaching the "End-Time" Message (vűlogatás)1.Methamphetamine 
2.Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere 
3.Sabbath Jam 
4.Age of Bootamps 
5.I Am the Gestapo 
6.Jackass in the Will of God 
7.Revolution / Revelation 
8.International Narcotic 
9.36 Beers and a Ball of String 
10.Turn Troubled Tables 

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