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Grave Digger énekes : Chris Boltendahl
gitáros : Manni Schmidt
basszusgitáros : Jens Becker
dobos : Stefan Arnold
billentyűs : Hans Peter "H.P." Katzenburg

A Grave Digger német heavy metal zenekar. Chris Boltendahl énekes az egyetlen alapító tag.

Korábbi tagok

Peter Masson – gitár (1980-1986)
Uwe Lulis – gitár (1986-2000) jelenleg Rebellion
Tomi Göttlich – basszusgitár (1991-1997) jelenleg Rebellion
Martin Gerlitzki – basszusgitár (1983)
Willi Lackman – basszusgitár (1983-1984)
René "T-Bone" Teichgräber – basszusgitár (1984)
C.F. Brank – basszusgitár (1985-1987)
Frank Ulrich – dob (1994-1995)
Jörg Michael – dob (1993-1994) jelenleg Stratovarius
Lutz Schmelzer – dob (1980)
Philip Seibel – dob (1981-1983)
Albert Eckardt – dob (1983-1987)
Peter Breitenbach – dob (1991-1993)

Albumok :

Heavy Metal Breakdown (1984)
Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown1.Headbanging Man 
2.Heavy Metal Breakdown 
3.Back From The War 
5.We Wanna Rock You 
6.Legion Of The Lost 
8.Heart Attack 
Shoot Her Down EP (1984)
Grave Digger - Shoot Her Down EP1.Shoot Her Down 
2.Storming The Brain 
3.We Wanna Rock You 
Witch Hunter (1985)
Grave Digger - Witch Hunter1.Witch Hunter 
2.Get Ready For Power 
3.Night Drifter 
4.Love Is A Game 
5.Get Away 
6.Fight For Freedom 
7.School`s Out 
8.Friends Of Mine 
9.Here I Stand 
War Games (1986)
Grave Digger - War Games1.Keep On Rocking 
2.Heaven Can Wait 
3.Fire In Your Eyes 
4.Let Your Heads Roll 
5.Love Is Breaking My Heart 
7.(Enola Gay) Drop The Bomb 
9.Playing Fools 
10.The End 
Stronger Than Ever (1987)
Grave Digger - Stronger Than Ever1.Wanna Get Close 
2.Don`t Leave Me Lonely 
3.Stronger Than Ever 
5.Lay It On 
6.I Don`t Need Your Love 
7.Listen To The Music 
8.Stay Till The Morning 
9.Stand Up And Rock 
10.Shadows Of The Past 
The Reaper (1993)
Grave Digger - The Reaper1.The Reaper 
2.Ride On 
3.Shadow Of A Moonless Night 
4.Play Your Game (And Kill) 
5.Wedding Day 
6.Spy Of Mas` On 
7.Under My Flag 
8.Fight The Fight 
9.Legion Of The Lost (Part II) 
10.And The Devil Plays Piano 
11.Ruler Mr. H 
Symphony Of Death (1994)
Grave Digger - Symphony Of Death1.Symphony Of Death 
2.Back To The Roots 
3.House Of Horror 
4.Shout It Out 
5.World Of Fools 
6.Wild And Dangerous 
Heart Of Darkness (1995)
Grave Digger - Heart Of Darkness1.Tears Of Madness 
3.The Grave Dancer 
4.Demon`s Day 
6.Heart Of Darkness 
8.Circle Of Witches 
9.Black Death 
10.My Life 
11.Dolphin`s Cry 
Tunes Of War (1996)
Grave Digger - Tunes Of War1.Scotland United 
2.The Dark Of The Sun 
3.William Wallace (Braveheart) 
4.The Bruce 
5.The Battle Of Flodden 
6.The Ballad Of Mary (Queen Of Scots) 
7.The Truth 
8.Cry For Freedom (James The VI) 
9.Killing Time 
10.Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching) 
11.Culledon Muir 
The Dark Of The Sun (1997)
Grave Digger - The Dark Of The Sun1.Intro 
2.The Dark Of The Sun 
3.Heavy Metal Breakdown 
5.Headbanging Man 
Knights Of The Cross (1998)
Grave Digger - Knights Of The Cross1.Deus Lo Vult 
2.Knight Of The Cross 
3.Monks Of War 
4.Heroes Of This Time 
5.Fanatic Assassins 
7.Keeper Of The Holy Grail 
10.Over The Sea 
11.The Curse Of Jacques 
12.Battle Of Bannockburn 
Excalibur (1999)
Grave Digger - Excalibur1.The Secrets Of Merlin 
4.The Round Table (Forever) 
5.Morgane Le Fay 
6.The Spell 
7.Tristan`s Fate 
9.Mordred`s Song 
10.The Final War 
11.Emerald Eyes 
The Grave Digger (2001)
Grave Digger - The Grave Digger1.Son Of Evil 
2.The Grave Digger 
4.Scythe Of Time 
5.Spirits Of The Dead 
6.The House 
7.King Pest 
8.Sacred Fire 
9.Funeral Procession 
10.Haunted House 
13.Running Free 
Rheingold (2003)
Grave Digger - Rheingold1.The Ring 
5.Maidens Of War 
10.Twilight Of The Gods 
The Last Supper (2005)
Grave Digger - The Last Supper1.Passion 
2.The Last Supper 
3.Desert Rose 
4.Grave In No Man`s Land 
5.Hell To Pay 
6.Soul Savior 
8.Divided Cross 
9.The Night Before 
10.Black Widows 
11.Hundred Days 
12.Always And Eternally 
Yesterday EP (2006)
Grave Digger - Yesterday EP1.Yesterday 
2.The Reapers dance 
3.No Quarter 
4.Yesterday (Orchester) 
Liberty Or Death (2007)
Grave Digger - Liberty Or Death1.Liberty Or Death 
2.Ocean Of Blood 
3.Highland Tears 
4.The Terrible One 
5.Until The Last King Died 
6.March Of The Innocent 
7.Silent Revolution 
9.Forecourt To Hell 
11.The Reaper Dance 
Pray EP (2008)
Grave Digger - Pray EP1.Pray 
2.Overkill (Motorhead cover) 
3.My Blood Will Live Forever 
4.When The Sun Goes Down 
Ballads Of A Hangman (2009)
Grave Digger - Ballads Of A Hangman1.The Gallows Pole 
2.Ballad Of A Hangman 
3.Hell Of Disillusion 
4.Sorrow Of The Dead 
5.Grave Of The Addicted 
6.Lonely The Innocence Dies 
7.Into The War 
8.The Shadow Of Your Soul 
9.Funeral For The Fallen Angel 
12.Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy cover) 

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