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Fuck Equality (2005)
Genocide Lolita - Fuck Equality1.Dawning Disappointment (A Readaptation Of Anenzephalia`s Infarkt) 
2.Settling Scores - Starting Wars 
3.Politics Of Violence 
4.Choice To Kill 
5.Holocaust Erotica 
6.We Are Coming For You 
7.Power Of Cruelty 
8.Survival Is Not Enough (We Want Revenge) 
9.The Time Has Come 
10.Israel In Tears (Track 88) 
Various - Fresh Blood Volume 3 : Contaminated (2005)
 1.Necropedophilia - Cholera Tale 
2.Bound - Contaminated 
3.Slaughtermerchants - American Taliban 
4.The Bear Faced Boy - Why We Are Here ! 
5.Necropedophilia - Your Child Made My Day 
6.Bound - Necessary Cleansing 
7.Necropedophilia - Nekro-Atian 
8.Genocide Lolita - Settling Scores / Starting Wars 
9.Slaughtermerchants - Party Of God 
10.Necropedophilia - To Dissolve 
11.The Bear Faced Boy - The United Colors Of Terrorism 
12.Necropedophilia - Photon Collision 2000 
13.Slaughtermerchants - Winter Soldier 
14.Bound - Shi 
15.Necropedophilia - To See You Die ( I Live For) 
16.Genocide Lolita - Holocaust Erotica 
17.The Bear Faced Boy- Reach Out 
Various - The Qlippothic Kommandos: A Satanic Psyops (2006)
Genocide Lolita - Various - The Qlippothic Kommandos: A Satanic Psyops1.Genocide Lolita - Obscene Gardener Of Bitterness 
2.United Satanic Apache Front - Overthrow 
3.Aesthetic Meat Front - Inferior Organism 
4.Oneiric Imperium - Service The Target 
5.Oneiric Imperium - Carrion Culture 
6.Goethia Orator - Messe Niger Ad Bellum Supreme 
7.T∴H∴M∴A∴ - The Scapegoat 
8.T∴H∴M∴A∴ - We Are Legion 
9.Rosemary Malign - Chains 
10.9922 - Starve 
11.9922 - E52X926H8U411M75E6D 
12.9922 - Failure 
13.Necropedophilia - All Rise For Kaiser Krenn 
14.Daniel Lundh - Upon The Circumcision 
15.Torturecide - Absolute Supremacy 
16.Zocialists Zeitgeist - The Problem...And The Solution 
Various - TSAS And Friends Comp (2006)
 1.Plastic Worm - Work 
2.Albanasam - Machina II Sucks 
3.RedSK - Mesothelioma 
4.Jim Morgan - Anathema 
5.OGOGO - Whatever U Want 
6.Vomit Toad - I Love Getfresh With All My Heart 
7.Ghost Candy - Urine (BRR Mix) 
8.Gefilte Fist - Feces On A Train 
9.Nymphs Or Satyrs - Fourth Of July 
10.BRR - Crazy Corndogs 
11.Fecalove - Dedicated To CazzoFilm Berlin 
12.Neurocysticercosis - Letter To The Boa Contrictor In My Toilet 
13.Apophallation - Ruhrgebiet Slapstick 
15.Decapitated Baby Fiesta - Charles Freck 
16.Random Insults - Watte 
17.Emorgasm - Radiohead Is A Dirty Nigger 
18.BUL!M!ATRON! - Enter the Abyss 
19.Genocide Lolita - Coiled Hidden Agenda 
20.50WTKM - Shove A Queen Ant Up My Eye Socket So An Ant Colony Develops In My Brain 
21.Doki Doki - De Onbevlekte Ontvangenis 
22.Agugugug - Gayholes (Prurient Cover) 
23.BNHTC - It Happen, What, Semen, Semen Happens 
24.FSOJ - Sacre Bleu 
25.Bongwater Orchestra - ____ ____ 
Various - The Most Non Quality Airbag (2006)
Genocide Lolita - Various - The Most Non Quality Airbag1.Bullshit Market - Little Bwoyz 
2.DJ RedSkeye – Attraction To Excuses (Well You See... Mix) (PecketRobba Remix) 
3.Uterus Kitten vs. YB - Rattlesnake Break Jewel Case (To Sober Uterus Kitten Mix) 
4.DJ RedSkeye vs. Directbrainstimulation - Vodka Butterfly 
5.Chasing Stupid - Breakdancing Ronald Reagan Is Not Black Metal 
6.DJ RedSkeye vs. Ninja X - Noise Sogen 
7.DJ RedSkeye & The Zyklon Projekt - GW Fist-Fuck (Violence Cotton Drone Remix) 
8.Retrovirus - Pink Power (RedSK Remix) 
9.Alcholic Cindy - Lunch Break 
10.BRR - Buy My Used Fleshlight 
11.YB - Revelc 
12.DJ Qpon - Diseased Primate 
13.Disthroned Agony - Gunter Grass Learned To Write In Nazi School 
14.artist formerly known as dj redskeye & Microphonicunt & Monsieur Le Docteur Ralph & BBR - Hahaha @ BRR & Uterus Kitten 
15.Castle Awesome - Every Tribal Art Tattoo I`ve Ever Seen Is Somehow Worse Than The Last 
16.Evil Robot Ted - Being Someone 
17.RedSK - The Object Of Power Is Power 
18.Apophallation - A Song For Non Quality Audio 
19.Chop Chop vs. Subcønscious - Fecal Slaughter (OH `Twas 9-11 Remix) 
20.W32_Sasser.exe - Mad Little Girl 
21.Midget Crack Whore Mutilation vs. RedSK - Desktopcore No More (Also Gore) 
22.Retro - 3 Little Cowboys 
23.Doki Doki - Removed Title 
24.What It`s Like To Be Hostile - Excitement (Red SK Remix) 
25.MC Niggerpantz & MC Hammered - Haterz (Somewhat Gangsta Version) 
26.Bullshit Brain - Dont Stuff Your Brain With Worthless Data. 
27.Nxfxtxex - Digital Hardcore Noise Poo (Full Version) 
28.Servant Of Darkness - Satanic Assault From Hell. 
29.Vomit Toad - Everyone That Listens To Masonna Is A Faggot (Fuck You Vomit Toad! Mix) 
30.Vlue - Bleeding Voices 
31.Quixo - Metroid Death Trap 
32.Albanasam – Woofwoof (Harsh Bark & Doggy Drones Version) (RedSK Remix) 
33.SphereX - Wasp Guts 
34.Random Insults - You Deep Throated My Brain 
35.BNHTC - Did Somebody Say Wish LOL 
36.Krbe. - Da Er Welten Lieber Miede Als An Des Schicksals Unermesslichkeit Zu Scheitern. 
37.Dusty Knackers - Saddy-Go-Round 
38.Synesthetic Burst – Walk Into The Ocean (All Remix`d Up) (RedSK Remix) 
39.Noisebastard - Extreme Display Of Talent 
40.Say No More Tongues - Celestial Garden 
41.METEK vs. Pythagora - Derivat 4 
42.Ghost Candy - Untitled 
43.Ehafh - Conflict Abomination 
44.BUL!M!ATRON! - Godspeed & Good Weed! 
45.BlueDK - I`ll Chase Your Stupid (Feat. The Ghost Of DJ RedSkeye) 
46.Gingagaruga - Esquisite Capriolo And Beans 
47.Final Solution - So I Leave... 
48.Decapitated Baby Fiesta - Conquistador 
49.OGOGO - After A Long Day 
50.Perpetual Amnesia - The Pitter Patter Of Little Kitten Paws 
51.Genocide Lolita - World Police 
52.Ruby - Obedience To Authority 
53.Jay Not Z - A Public Affair (Live At The Non Quality Bar And Grille) 
Disthroned Agony / Genocide Lolita (2007)
 1.Disthroned Agony - Soft And Pink 
2.Disthroned Agony - Vegan Shitstained Jewrag 
3.Genocide Lolita - Rape Soldiers 
4.Genocide Lolita - Communist Depopulation Strategy - Bird Flu 
Disthroned Agony / Genocide Lolita - Vol 2 (2007)
Genocide Lolita - Disthroned Agony / Genocide Lolita - Vol 21.Disthroned Agony - Feel The Wrath Of My Immortal Penis 
2.Genocide Lolita - National Sovereignty Lynch Mob 
3.Genocide Lolita vs Disthroned Agony - National Socialist ElectroClash 
Business As Usual! (2007)
Genocide Lolita - Business As Usual!1.Israel In Flames 
2.The Hidden Agenda Broadcast 
3.Every Jew Grave (Burnt Bones) 
4.Saddam Hussein Is Dead Undead 
5.Nazis Of The Night (Written By Club Moral) 
6.Standing, Boldly Correct 
7.No Surrender (Written By Survival Unit) 
8.The Destruction Of Israel 
9.White Industrial 
Targets Of Opportunity (2007)
Genocide Lolita - Targets Of Opportunity1.Chutzaph Training 
2.DIY Politics 
3.Cult-ure Of Lies 
4.Death Camps 
5.Gulag Mentality 
6.I Want To Kill The President 
7.Diminishing Returns 
8.Consoled By Freedom, Controlled By Freedom 
9.The Burnt Out Wreckage 
Various - WHW (2007)
Genocide Lolita - Various - WHW1.TT - WHW (Intro) 
2.Kaliber 9 - Neurotoxin (RMX) 
3.Berkana - Sehnsucht Nach Dem Frühling 
4.Einheit 731 - Last Glint 
5.Rose Rovine E Amanti - Noi Ritorneremo 
6.Von Thronstahl - Return Your Revolt Into Style (Boss/Lagerfeld Mix) 
7.Standgericht - Total Discipline (V2) 
8.Bleiburg - Der Meldereiter (RMX) 
9.Shift69 - Arbeit 
10.Heiliges Licht - Untitled 
11.Zyankali - Zyklon 
12.Triton 83 - Insolent Ungodliness 
13.Life`s Decay - Regimental 
14.MDMA - Vengeance 
15.Bonemachine - Rhythmus Der Einsamkeit 
16.Manmachine - We Love In Still 
17.Genocide Lolita - Haganah Whores 
18.Lady Morphia - Widerstand (Symphonic Version) 
19.Melek-tha - Complaint De La Terre Brulee 
20.Nejet Nok - Singen, Lachen, Töten 
21.Hybryds - Resistance 
22.Von Liebenfels - Sailing Homeward 
23.Zhark - Eisenzeit (C-64) 
24.Kenji Siratori - Rebirth 
25.Exemtum - Tribute To Club Moral 
26.Camisole - Recycle The Dead 
27.Contagious Orgasm - The Fall 
28.Iron Youth - White Comfort (Re-2007) (Feat. The 120 Days) 
29.Lonsai Maikov - Coup De Grace (Demo) 
30.Schallgewalt - Electrocabinette (Bleiburg Remix) 
Direkt Aktion Kommandos (2008)
Genocide Lolita - Direkt Aktion Kommandos1.Guantanamo Bay Camp X - Ray 
2.Life Being What It Is, One Dreams Of Revenge 
3.Mad As Hell 
4.La Bas (Rise Below) 
5.Sharp Shooters 
6.Strength Without - Weakness Within 
7.The Beaten Path Of Idols And Isms 
8.Are We Artist Posing As Terrorists Or Are We Terrorists Posing As Artists? 
9.Soldiers Of Desperation 
Various - Bewein Dein Mädel (2008)
Genocide Lolita - Various - Bewein Dein Mädel1.Grabstein - Kraft Durch Freude 
2.In Scherben - Ein Letztes Mal 
3.Para-Dioxin - 1942 
4.Kenji Siratori - Nietzsche Girl 
5.Chaoticum - Occultique 
6.Bleiburg - Mirogojske Svijeće 
7.Aywasscreaming - Sewastopol Bunkerlinie 
8.Riccardo Z. - Einsamkeit 
9.Triton 83 - Alptaum 
10.Melek-Tha - Le Triumphe De La Volontée 
11.Waffenruhe - Todgeweihte (BDM Version) 
12.Hybryds - White Snow (Excerpt) 
13.Heiliges Licht - Crime Against Humanity 
14.Stormfagel - Mitt Hat (Fritz Version) 
15.Genocide Lolita - Bilderberg Silent Order 
16.SnowW.Wwhite - Der Fruehling 
17.Zr19.84 - Non Un Passo Indietro ! (CCCP) 
18.Kadaver - Heart Shaped Torture 
19.Kadaver - Heart Shaped Torture 
20.Rose Rovine E Amanti - False Priests And Homo Nazi 
21.Manifesto - Discipline 
22.Zynkali - Evakuierte Zone 
23.Forthcoming Fire - Achtung Achtung (Wir Kommen Wieder) 
24.Ich Hatt` Einen Kameraden - Fields Of Honour 
25.Der Feuerkreiner - Sie Gehen Daher Wie Ein Schemen 
26.Nocturne - Winifred Wagner 
27.B - Machina - Wilkommen Zur Gewalt 
28.Life`s Decay - Orguanium 
29.B.L.O. – End Of The Game (Baader-Meinhof Mix) (Feat. The 120 Days) 
30.Exemtum - Infestus 
31.The Pride Of Wolves - Will You 
32.Fourniersches Gangraen - Steyrermühlener Klangdruck 
33.Krepulec - Warschauer 1944 
Various - The Stormer (2008)
Genocide Lolita - Various - The Stormer1.Pink Lava - Invocation 
2.Green Army Faction - Destroi! 
3.Mumber Toes - Bulldog Breed 
4.Narkoleptik - Lie Down In The Gutter 
5.Genocide Lolita - SHARP Shooters 
6.Gelsomina - Truth That Hurts 
7.Mansfield - I Don`t Like You 
8.Wedding - First Bells Of Harihara 
9.Stab - I Don`t Give A Fuck 
10.Burial Hex - The Stormer (Lansing,MI:2007) 
11.Whitecastle - Ruination II 
12.The Grey Wolves - Streicher Commando Storm 
13.Odal - Eurabia 
14.Salvation For Sale - Julius Streicher 
15.Fecalove - I Can Feel Death SS On My Cock 
16.Deathkey - Total War 
Various - Wieler Werkstaette (2009)
Genocide Lolita - Various - Wieler Werkstaette1.Argentum - El Malevo Ferreyro 
2.Brandkommando - Vox Populi 
3.Disciplina Urbana - Noite Branca 
4.Escuadron Muerte - La Caballeria Aerea 
5.Fournirsches Gangraen - Ciorans Vermaechtnis 
6.Irikarah - Wieler Gesang 
7.Genocide Lolita - Tied Down 
8.Gird 09 - Chewharder 
9.Tesla Monophonic - Modul Spektr 
10.Kadaver - Piece Of Children 
11.Werwolf Ensemble - Conjure 
12.Sacred Youth - This Is New World Order 
13.Kristus Kut - Boyfriend - Girlfriend 
14.Bloddy Orgy - The Power Of Sound 
15.Black Leather Jesus - Tongue Deep In Him 
Various - Visions Beyond (2009)
Genocide Lolita - Various - Visions Beyond1.Genocide Lolita - All Governments Are Liars And Murderers 
2.Moribund - O.S.O.K. 
3.Cloama - Rauni Psy 
4.Green Army Fraction - Battle Scars 
5.Haare - Viral God 
6.Bjerga/Iversen - Kingdom Of Silence 
7.Government Alpha - Solidification 
8.Mania - Expelling Monstrosities 
9.World Downfall - Surveillance 
10.S.M.S.R. - Forces Unseen 
11.Halthan - Parasite Regime 
12.Âmes Sanglantes - Initiatic Rites 
Various - United States Bestial Forces - CD1 (2012)
Genocide Lolita - Various - United States Bestial Forces - CD11.F/I/T/H - Complacency Is Your Disgrace MKII 
2.Richard Ramirez - Pounding 
3.Genocide Lolita - Turn 
4.Violent Pink - Easing The Spring 
5.Deeper Wells - Untitled 
6.Frailty Of Angels - F.D.M.G. 
7.Gnawed - Insect 
8.Magia Nuda - Savage 
9.James Balster - VRE 
10.Deterge - Frustration (For Her) 
11.Blood Rhythms - In A Vacuum 
12.Nyarlathotep - Shit God 
13.R.S.P. - Deeds Not Words 
14.Churner - You Get Nothing In Return 
15.RU-486 Feat. Bereft - Live At Dead Audio Fest 2010 
16.Koufar - Children Singing In The Streets Amongst The Slaughtered 

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