Graveland All Instruments and Vocals : Rob Darken - (Lord Wind, Legion (Pol), Wolfkhan, Veles, Infernum, Oppressor (Pol), Thoth, Darken (Pol), Behemoth (Pol))
Bass : ex-tag /Karcharoth aka Anextiomarus (1976 - R.I.P. 7th May 2004, suicide) (Infernum, Infernum, Dagon) (1993-1995)
Drums : ex-tag/Herr Capricornus (Infernum, Thor's Hammer)


Albumok :

Necromanteion (demo) (1992)
Graveland - Necromanteion (demo)1.Intro Necromanteion 
3.The Quest 
4.Opus Mysteries 
6.Storm of Souls 
7.Celts Ride over Graveland 
8.Sword and Blood 
9.Who Dies First? 
Promo June '92 (demo) (1992)
Graveland - Promo June 1.Intro 
2.Cathedral of Shadows 
3.The Day of Samhain 
4.Dark Visions 
Drunemeton (demo) (1992)
Graveland - Drunemeton (demo)1.Intro / The Eyes of Balor 
2.Shadows of Doom 
3.The Days of the Black Sun 
4.The Dawn of Battle 
5.Aes Side 
7.Eternal Winter 
9.Winds of Winter 
10.The Forest Nemeton 
11.Celtic Sanctuary 
Epilogue (demo) (1993)
Graveland - Epilogue (demo)1.Intro 
2.The Eyes of Balor 
3.Shadow of Doom 
4.The Forest Nemeton, Part 2 
5.Children of the Moon 
In the Glare of Burning Churches (demo) (1993)
Graveland - In the Glare of Burning Churches (demo)1.Intro 
2.In the Glare of Burning Churches 
3.The Night of Fullmoon 
4.The Dark Dusk Abyss 
5.Through the Occult Veil 
6.For Pagan and Heretic`s Blood 
The Celtic Winter (demo) (1994)
Graveland - The Celtic Winter (demo)1.Intro 
2.Call of the Black Forest 
3.Hordes of Empire 
4.The Night of Fullmoon 
5.The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness 
6.The Return of Funeral Winds 
Carpathian Wolves (1994)
Graveland - Carpathian Wolves1.Carpathian Wolves (Intro) 
2.Barbarism Returns 
4.In the Northern Carpathians 
5.Impaler of Wallachia 
6.Witches Holocaust 
7.At the Pagan Samhain Night 
8.Unpunished Herd / Into the War (Outro) 
Thousand Swords (1995)
Graveland - Thousand Swords 1.Intro 
2.Blood of Christians on My Sword 
3.Thousand Swords 
4.The Dark Battlefield 
5.The Time of Revenge 
6.Born for War 
7.Black Metal War 
8.To Die in Fight 
Following the Voice of Blood (demo) (1997)
Graveland - Following the Voice of Blood (demo)1.White Hand`s Power 
2.And the Horn Was Sounding Far Away 
Following the Voice of Blood (1997)
Graveland - Following the Voice of Blood 1.Intro 
2.White Hand`s Power 
4.Following the Voice of Blood 
5.Forge of Souls 
6.Raise the Swords 
7.And the Horn Was Sounding Far Away 
8.Fed by the Beasts 
Immortal Pride (1998)
Graveland - Immortal Pride 1.Intro (Day of Fury) 
2.Sons of Fire and Steel / Outro (Servants of War) 
3.Sacrifice for Honour 
4.Outro (To Die in Glory) 
Epilogue / In the Glare of Burning Churches (Best of/Compilation) (1999)
Graveland - Epilogue / In the Glare of Burning Churches (Best of/Compilation)1.Intro 
2.The Eyes of Balor 
3.Shadow of Doom 
4.The Forest Nemeton, Part 2 
5.Children of the Moon 
7.Intro / In the Glare of Burning Churches 
8.The Night of Fullmoon 
9.The Dark Dusk Abyss 
10.Through the Occult Veil 
11.For Pagan and Heretic`s Blood / Outro 
Impaler's Wolves (EP) (1999)
Graveland - Impaler1.Impaler of Wallachia 
2.In the Northern Carpathians 
Raiders of Revenge (split-Honor) (2000)
Graveland - Raiders of Revenge (split-Honor)1.Honor-Antichrist`s Hammer 
4.Honor-Thousand Years Bonds 
5.Graveland-Blacksmiths of Destiny 
6.Graveland-Source of My Power 
7.Graveland-Into Death`s Arms 
Creed of Iron (2000)
Graveland - Creed of Iron1.Blood and Ash 
2.Tyrants of Cruelty 
3.No Mercy in My Heart 
4.Ancient Blood 
5.White Beasts of Wotan 
Raise Your Sword ! (EP) (2001)
Graveland - Raise Your Sword ! (EP)1.Till the Final Death 
2.Temple of My Hatred 
3.W objêcia Smierci (bonus track) 
Blood of Heroes (EP) (2002)
Graveland - Blood of Heroes (EP)1.I Am What They Fear 
2.Blood of Heroes 
Memory and Destiny (2002)
Graveland - Memory and Destiny1.Fate of Warrior 
2.Jewel of Atlanteans 
3.Memory and Destiny 
4.Legion of Giants 
5.Runes of Rise 
The Fire of Awakening (2003)
Graveland - The Fire of Awakening1.We Shall Prevail 
2.Battle of Wotan`s Wolves 
3.In the Sea of Blood 
4.Die for Freedom 
5.The Four Wings of the Sun 
Dawn of Iron Blades (2004)
Graveland - Dawn of Iron Blades 1.Iron in the Fog 
2.Semper Fidelix 
3.Immortal Bloodline 
4.To the North of Rubicon 
5.Crown Heroic My Departure 
6.While I Ride with the Valkyries 
Fire Chariot of Destruction (2005)
Graveland - Fire Chariot of Destruction 1.War Wolf 
2.River of Tears 
3.Fire Chariot of Destruction 
4.Flaming Wrathful Hate 
5.Creator and Destroyer 
6.Prayer for My Ancestors 
7.Dance of Axes and Swords 
Will Stronger Than Death (2007)
Graveland - Will Stronger Than Death 1.Fire Dragon of Black Sun 
2.Throne of the Granite 
3.Battle of the Giants 
4.Fire and Snow 
6.Victoria Divina 
7.Shadows of the Past 
Eastern Hammer (split) (2007)
Graveland - Eastern Hammer (split)1.Graveland-Blood Faithful to Soil 
2.Nokturnal Mortum - Kolyada 
3.North (Pol) -To Break a Cross, to Break a Neck 
4.Temnozor - Did-Dub-Snop 
Wotan Mit Mir (EP) (2008)
Graveland - Wotan Mit Mir (EP)1.Wotan mit Mir (Intro) 
2.Wotan mit Mir 
3.Rainbow Bridge 
Spears of Heaven (2009)
Graveland - Spears of Heaven 1.Spears of Heaven 
2.Walls of the Red Temple 
3.Flame of Doom 
4.Braid of a Pride Valkyria 
5.When Valkyries Come 
6.Sun Wind 
7.Return to the Northern Carpathian 
Graveland / Kreuzfeuer – Tribute To The King Of Aquilonia (split) (2010)
Graveland - Graveland / Kreuzfeuer – Tribute To The King Of Aquilonia (split)1.Graveland – King Of Aquilonia 
2.Kreuzfeuer – Zündet Die Feuer 

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