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Grotesque Vocals : Goatspell (Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg)(At the Gates, Infestation (Swe), Liers in Wait, Lock up, Nightrage, The Crown, Ben-Hur, Conquest, Disfear, Hide, Skitsystem, The Great Deceiver, World Without End)
Guitar : Necrolord (Kristian Wahlin) (Diabolique (Swe), Liers in Wait, Decollation)
Guitar : Insulter (Johan Österberg) (Diabolique (Swe), Decollation, The Great Deceiver)
Bass : Virgintaker (Per Nordgren)(Autotrash, Conquest) (1989, 2007 - )
Drums : Offensor (Tomas Eriksson)

Albumok :

Ripped from the Cross (1988)
 1.Ripped from the Cross 
2.Shadows of Lost Life 
3.Moondance Prophecy 
The black gate is closed (1989)
Grotesque - The black gate is closed1.Bestial Summoning 
2.Blood Runs from the Altar 
3.Angels Blood 
Rehearsal demo (1989)
 1.Angels Blood 
2.Fall Into Decay 
3.Rise of Armageddon 
Incantation (1990)
Grotesque - Incantation1.Incantation 
2.Spawn of Azathoth 
3.Nocturnal Blasphemies 
4.Submit to Death 
5.Blood Runs for the Altar 
In the Embrace of Evil (1996)
Grotesque - In the Embrace of Evil1.Thirteen Bells of Doom 
2.Blood Runs From The Altar 
3.Submit To Death 
4.Fall Into Decay 
5.Seven Gates 
6.Angels Blood 
7.Nocturnal Blasphemies 
8.Spawn of Azathoth 
10.Church of The Pentagram 
11.Ripped From The Cross 
Gardens of Grief/In the Embrace of Evil (2001)
Grotesque - Gardens of Grief/In the Embrace of Evil1.Souls of the Evil Departed 
2.At the Gates 
3.All Life Ends 
4.City of Screaming Statues 
5.Thirteen Bells of Doom 
6.Blood Runs from the Altar 
7.Submit to Death 
8.Fall Into Decay 
9.Seven Gates 
10.Angels Blood 
11.Nocturnal Blasphemies 
12.Spawn of Azathoth 
14.Church of the Pentagram 
15.Ripped From the Cross 

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Metalmorphogenesis, HungAryan Metal Terrorist, sludgey, Hellbull, Nem MotherRoad, mert Ő fel van függesztve

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