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  gitár, basszusgitár, ének : Santiago Argento
Dob&Ének : Paolo Deodato
gitár, basszusgitár, ének : Noel Kemper -

Albumok :

Last Men Alive (EP) (2001)
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Last Men Alive (EP)1.Last Men Alive 
2.One More Victim 
3.Walk Amongst The Living 
4.Don`t Feel Shame 
5.Green Inferno 
6.Swamp Carnage 
7.Throwin` Up The Sickness 
8.Wild Borneo 
9.(They Are) The Rot Crew 
10.Mondo Freaky II (JVN`s Revenge) 
11.El Duce Inn Massacre 
12.I Can Hear Their Shriek 
13.It`ll Be The End 
Teenage Giallo Grind (2002)
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Teenage Giallo Grind1.Coming Back To Life 
2.Grand Guignol Cannibale 
4.Savage Men... Savage Beasts 
5.Bizarre Sacrifice 
6.Enchanted Bodies 
7.Zombified Crowd 
8.Cannibal Freakout 
9.Skull Collectors Of Borneo 
10.The Gruesome Horror Begins 
11.Jungle Rites 
13.Spaghetti Terror (Is Pretty Cool) 
14.Black Demons 
15.Malignant Virus Infection 
16.Deep River Savages 
17.Somewhere At An Altar 2 
18.Jungles of The Matto Grosso 
19.Voodoo Ritual 
20.Zombie Wizard 
21.Last Men Alive 
22.One More Victim 
23.Mondo Chelano (The Naked Truth) 
24.In The Cold 
25.Lost In The Green Hell 
26.El Lamento De Los Zombies 
27.Prisoner Of The Cannibal God 
28.Cinema Verite Style 
29.Eaten Alive 
30.It`s The End Of The World (As We Know It) 
31.Faces of Death 
32.Wild Party (Cannibal Freakout II) 
33.Nightmare City 
34.The Cave of the Cannibal 
35.The Three Mothers 
Last Men in Gore (2003)
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Last Men in Gore1.Zombie Creeping Flesh (Savage Flesh Eaters II) 
2.Broken Gravestones 
3.Stone Knives 
4.Teenage Giallo Grind 
5.Crawling Death 
6.Last Men Alive 
7.One More Victim 
8.Walk Among The Living 
9.Don`t Feel Shame 
10.Green Inferno 
11.Swamp Carnage 
12.Throwin` Up The Sickness 
13.Wild Borneo 
14.(They Are) The Rot Crew 
15.Mondo Freaky II (Jvn`s Revenge) 
16.El Duce Inn Massacre 
17.I Can Hear Their Squeak 
18.It`ll Be The End 
19.All They Need Is Blood 
20.Cannibalistic Bloodfeast 
21.Mondo Freaky 
22.Soft Dead Skin 
23.The Bite of The Zombie 
24.Naked And Wide-Eyed 
25.Redneck Apocalypse 
26.Lunch Time 
27.Somewhere At An Altar 
28.King of Psychos 
29.I Relish The Gruesome Stuff 
30.Eaten Alive 
31.They Are Everywhere 
32.Exhumed Stuff 
33.Let`s Kill Somebody Tonight 
34.Meat Is Murder!! 
35.Zombie Wizard 
36.Savage Flesh Eaters 
Horror Rises From The Tomb (2008)
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Horror Rises From The Tomb1.Triumph of The Dead 
3.Horror Rises From The Tomb 
4.Fullmoon Ritual 
5.Violenza Carnale 
6.I Know What You Did Last Summer...(In Thailand) 
7.The Symbol of Tupanamba 
8.Love Goddess of The Cannibals 
9.Z Is For Zombie 
10.The Dead Will Walk The Earth 
11.Hordes of Death 
12.Blow Their Heads 
13.Feast of the Cannibal 
15.Bloodshed In Weert 
16.Ultra Zombie Mayhem 
17.Grind Scene `91 
18.Somewhere At An Altar III 
19.Nudo e Selvaggio 

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