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Pretty on the Inside (1991)
Hole - Pretty on the Inside1.Teenage Whore 
3.Garbadge Man 
5.Good Sister/Bad Sister 
6.Mrs. Jones 
9.Star Belly 
10.Pretty on the Inside/ Clouds 
Live Through This (1994)
Hole - Live Through This1.Violet 
2.Miss World 
4.Asking for It 
5.Jennifer`s Body 
6.Doll Parts 
7.Credit in the Straight World 
8.Softer, Softest 
9.She Walks on Me 
10.I Think That I Would Die 
12.Rock Star 
Doll Parts (1994)
Hole - Doll Parts1.Doll Parts 
2.Plump (Live) 
3.The Void 
4.Hungry Like the Wolf 
Ask for It (1995)
Hole - Ask for It1.Over the Edge 
2.Pale Blue Eyes 
3.Drown Soda 
4.Doll Parts 
6.Forming/Hot Chocolate Boy 
Hole Unglued (1995)
Hole - Hole Unglued1.Miss World 
2.Best Sunday Dress 
3.Softer, Softest 
4.Drown Soda 
5.He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss 
6.Asking for It 
7.Old Age 
8.You`ve Got No Right 
9.Hungry Like the Wolf 
10.Doll Parts 
11.Sugar Coma 
The First Session (1997)
Hole - The First Session1.Retard Girl 
2.Phonebill Song 
4.Johnnie`s in the Bathroom 
My Body, the Hand Grenade (1997)
Hole - My Body, the Hand Grenade1.Turpentine 
2.Phonebill Song 
3.Retard Girl 
4.Burn Black 
6.20 Years in the Dakota 
7.Miss World [Demo Version] 
8.Old Age 
9.Softer, Softest (From MTV Unglued) 
10.He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss) 
11.Season of the Witch (From MTV Unglued) 
12.Drown Soda [Live] 
13.Asking for It [Live] 
Malibu (1997)
Hole - Malibu1.Malibu 
3.It`s All Over Now, Baby Blue 
4.Celebrity Skin (Live) 
5.Malibu (Live) 
Celebrity Skin (1998)
Hole - Celebrity Skin1.Celebrity Skin 
3.Hit So Hard 
5.Reasons to Be Beautiful 
7.Use Once & Destroy 
8.Northern Star 
9.Boys on the Radio 
10.Heaven Tonight 
11.Playing Your Song 
Courtney Love - Mono (2003)
Hole - Courtney Love  - Mono1.Mono 
3.Mono (Alternate version) 
4.Mono (Music video) 
Courtney Love - America's Sweetheart (2004)
Hole - Courtney Love - America1.Mono 
2.But Julian, I`m A Little Bit Older Than You 
3.Hold On To Me 
4.Sunset Strip 
5.All The Drugs 
6.Almost Golden 
7.I`ll Do Anything 
9.Life Despite God 
11.Zeplin Song 
12.Never Gonna Be The Same 
America's Sweetheart(Japanese Edition) (2004)
Hole - America1.Mono 
2.But Julian, I`m a Little Bit Older Than You 
3.Hold on to Me 
4.Sunset Strip 
5.All the Drugs 
6.Almost Golden 
7.I`ll Do Anything 
9.Life Despite God 
11.Zeplin Song 
12.Never Gonna Be the Same 
Maximum Courtney Love (2007)
Hole - Maximum Courtney Love1.Poet of Pain 
2.Punk Rock Rebel 
3.Grunge Royalty 
4.Mark of Tragedy 
5.Mixed Fortunes 
6.Losing It 
7.Twisted Escapology 
8.Making Connections 
9.Pivotal Impact 
10.Kicking Against the Rules 
Courtney Love - Nobody (2010)
Hole - Courtney Love - Nobody1.Pacific Coast Highway 
2.For Once In Your Life 
3.Letter To God 
4.Stand Up Motherfucker 
5.Loser Dust 
6.Dirty Girls 
7.Never Go Hungry Again 
8.Nobody`s Daughter 
9.Happy Ending Story 
10.Car Crash 
11.Sunset Marquis (Piano Version) 
Left In The Dark: The 'America's Sweetheart' Sessions (2010)
Hole - Left In The Dark: The 1.Mono (Alternate/Early Version) 
2.Fly (Mono single b-side/Japanese album bonus track) 
3.Sunset Strip (Non-U.S. Version) 
4.Sunset Strip (U.S. Version) 
5.Left In The Dark (Outtake) 
6.Hold On To Me (Acoustic Demo - Radio Session) 
7.Dark End Of The Street (with Ryan Adams) (Live on MTV2 2002) 
8.Life Despite God/Chris Classic 1 (Demo - Rehearsal) (Ventura, 10/26/01) 
9.Life Despite God/Chris Classic 2 (Demo - Rehearsal) (Ventura, 10/26/01) 
10.Voices Carry (Live in Japan 7/31/04) [`Til Tuesday cover] 
11.Cod`ine (Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco CA 10/26/04) 
12.House Of The Rising Sun (Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco CA 10/26/04) 
13.Mono (Clean Version) 
14.Love Love Love (from the film Adam and Steve) 
Nobody's Daughter (2010)
Hole - Nobody1.Nobody`s Daughter 
2.Skinny Little Bitch 
4.Pacific Coast Highway 
6.Someone Else`s Bed 
7.For Once In Your Life 
8.Letter To God 
9.Loser Dust 
10.How Dirty Girls Get Clean 
11.Never Go Hungry 

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