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Hour Of Penance Vokál : Paolo Pieri
Gitár : Giulio Moschini
Basszusgitár : Silvano "Nightorn" Leone
Dob : Simone Piras

Albumok :

Promo 2000 (demo) (2000)
Hour Of Penance - Promo 2000 (demo)1.Confined in flesh 
2.First killed then judged 
3.Introspective genius and hatred 
4.Hour of penance 
5.Soul addicted 
Disturbance (2003)
Hour Of Penance - Disturbance 1.Der Zorn Gottes (Intro) 
2.Rise And Oppress 
3.Mystification As Law 
4.From Hate To Suffering 
5.Inhaling Disbelief 
8.Soul Addicted 
9.Dawn Of Cerberus 
10.Blood Tribute 
Pageantry for Martyrs (2005)
Hour Of Penance - Pageantry for Martyrs 1.Towards Our Storm 
2.Shreds Of Martyr 
3.End Of Relief 
4.Celebrating Collective Terror 
5.Far Beyond Humiliation 
6.Life In A Pain Amplifier 
7.Exiled Innocence 
8.Naked Knife Absolution 
9.Deranged Parasite 
Promo 2007 (demo) (2007)
Hour Of Penance - Promo 2007 (demo)1.Misconception 
2.Slavery in a Deaf Decay 
3.Hierarchy of The Fools 
The Vile Conception (2008)
Hour Of Penance - The Vile Conception 1.Misconception 
2.Liturgy of Deceivers 
3.Hideously Conceived 
4.Drowned in the Abyss of Ignorance 
5.Absence of Truth 
6.Slavery in a Deaf Decay 
7.The Holy Betrayal 
8.From Hate to Suffering 
9.Conjuration Sworn 
10.Hierarchy of the Fools 
Paradogma (2010)
Hour Of Penance - Paradogma1.Paradogma 
2.Thousands of Christs 
3.The Woeful Eucharisty 
4.Malevolence of the Righteous 
5.Caged Into Falsehood 
6.Incestuous Dynasty of Worms 
7.Adversary of Bigotry 
8.Incontrovertible Doctrines 
9.Spiritual Ravishment 
Sedition (2012)
Hour Of Penance - Sedition1.Transubstantiatio 
2.Enlightened Submission 
3.Decimate the Ancestry of the Only God 
4.Fall of the Servants 
6.The Cannibal Gods 
7.Sedition Through Scorn 
8.Deprave to Redeem 
9.Blind Obedience 

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2012.03.03. 10:32:21
I like the death... I like the misery... I like this world!!

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