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House Of Lords Ének, Gitár, Billentyűk : James Christian
Gitár : Jimi Bell
Bass : Chris McCarvill
Dobok : B.J. Zampa

Albumok :

House Of Lords (1988)
House Of Lords - House Of Lords1.Pleasure Palace 
2.I Wanna Be Loved 
3.Edge of Your Life 
4.Lookin` for Strange 
5.Love Don`t Lie 
6.Slip of the Tongue 
7.Hearts of the World 
8.Under Blue Skies 
9.Call My Name 
10.Jealous Heart 
Shara (1990)
House Of Lords - Shara1.Shoot 
2.Chains of Love 
3.Can`t Find My Way Home 
4.Heart On the Line 
5.Laydown Staydown 
7.It Ain`t Love 
8.Remember My Name 
9.American Babylon 
10.Kiss Of Fire 
11.Can`t Find My Way Home 
Demons Down (1992)
House Of Lords - Demons Down1.O Father 
2.Demons Down 
3.What`s Forever For 
4.Talkin` `Bout Love 
5.Spirit of Love 
6.Down, Down, Down 
7.Metallic Blue 
8.Inside You 
9.Johnny`s Got a Mind of His Ow 
10.Can`t Fight Love 
The Power And The Myth (2004)
House Of Lords - The Power And The Myth1.Today 
2.All Is Gone 
3.Am I the Only One 
4.Living in Silence 
5.The Power and the Myth 
6.The Rapture 
7.The Man Who I Am 
8.Bitter Sweet Euphoria 
9.Mind Trip 
10.Child of Rage 
World Upside Down (2006)
House Of Lords - World Upside Down1.Mask of Eternity (Overture No. 1) 
2.These Are the Times 
3.All the Way to Heaven 
4.Field of Shattered Dreams 
5.I`m Free 
6.All the Pieces Falling 
7.Rock Bottom 
8.Million Miles 
9.Your Eyes 
10.Ghost of Time 
11.My Generation 
12.S.O.S. in America 
13.World Upside Down 
14.Gone (European bonus track) 
Come to My Kingdom (2008)
House Of Lords - Come to My Kingdom1.Purgatorio (Overture No. 2) 
2.Come to My Kingdom 
3.I Need to Fly 
4.I Don`t Wanna Wait All Night 
5.Another Day from Heaven 
6.In a Perfect World 
7.The Dream 
8.One Foot in the Dark 
9.Your Every Move 
10.I Believe 
11.One Touch 
12.Even Love Can`t Save Us 
13.In the Light 
14.It Might Have Been Madness 
Cartesian Dreams (2009)
House Of Lords - Cartesian Dreams1.Cartesian Dreams 
2.Born to Be Your Baby 
3.Desert Rain 
4.Sweet September 
6.A Simple Plan 
7.Never Never Look Back 
8.The Bigger They Come 
9.Repo Man 
10.Saved By Rock 
12.The Train 

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Zseniális koncert volt!
2011.12.07. 12:12:25
Van már új album is !
Koncert 2012 febr.14 Bp. Club 202
2010.12.21. 10:24:14
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