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Illdisposed Basszusgitár : Jonas "Kloge" Mikkelsen
Gitár : Jakob "Batten" Hansen
Gitár : Franz Hellboss
Ének : Bo Summer
Dobok : Thomas "Muskelbux" Jensen
Az Illdisposed egy Death Metal zenekar amely 1991-ben alakult meg.

Albumok :

Four Depressive Seasons (1993)
Illdisposed - Four Depressive Seasons 1.Forbidden Summer Poetry 
3.Weeping Souls Of Autumn Desires 
4.Life Equals Zero (A Love Song) 
5.A Deathwork Orange... The Winter Of Our Discontempt 
6.Wardance Of The Technocracy 
7.Never Ceasing Melancholic Spring 
8.Inherit The Wind 
9.With The Lost Souls On Our Side 
Submit (1995)
Illdisposed - Submit 1.Purity Of Sadness 
2.A Frame Of Mind 
4.The Hidden Ache 
5.Memories Expanded 
6.Slow Death Factory 
8.Flogging A Dead Horse 
9.Die Kingdom 
There's Something Rotten in the State of Denmark (1997)
Illdisposed - There1.Psychic Cyclus I-III 
2.Near The Gates 
3.We Lie In The Snow 
4.Wake Up Dead (Megadeth cover) 
5.Life: An Evaluation 
6.There`s Something Rotten... 
8.Days On The Floor 
9.Not A Vision - 1991 
10.Instrumentally Illdisposed 
11.Horsens Highway 
Retro (2000)
Illdisposed - Retro 1.Cromlech (DARKTHRONE Cover) 
2.None Shall Defy (INFERNAL MAJESTY Cover) 
3.Reek of Putrefaction (CARCASS Cover) 
4.Rapture (PARADISE LOST Cover) 
5.Nightmare (VENOM Cover) 
6.Gasping for Air (AUTOPSY Cover) 
7.Open Casket (DEATH Cover) 
8.Killed by Death (MOTÖRHEAD Cover) 
9.Out of the Body (PESTILENCE Cover) 
10.Intoxicated (OBITUARY Cover) 
11.Beating Around the Bush (AC/DC Cover) 
Kokaiinum (2001)
Illdisposed - Kokaiinum 1.A Warm Welcome 
2.Just Like A Clockwork 
3.Richard Scarry 
5.Forever Young 2001 
8.A Girl And Her Boss 
9.Fear Bill Gates 
1-800 Vindication (2004)
Illdisposed - 1-800 Vindication 1.I Believe in Me 
3.Now We`re History 
4.When You Scream 
6.In Search of Souls 
7.Still Sane 
8.You Against the World 
9.No More Time 
10.The Final Step 
Burn Me Wicked (2006)
Illdisposed - Burn Me Wicked1.Shine Crazy 
2.Case of The Late Pig 
3.Back To The Streets 
4.Our Heroin Recess 
5.Throw Your Bolts 
6.Burn Me Wicked 
7.Fear The Gates 
9.Nothing To Fear... Do It 
10.The Widow Black 
The Prestige (2008)
Illdisposed - The Prestige 1.Let Go 
2.The Tension 
3.Weak Is Your God 
4.Working Class Zero 
5.A Song Of Myself 
6.Like Cancer 
7.Love Is Tasted Bitter 
8.She Knows 
9.A Child Is Missing 
10.The Key To My Salvation 
11....Your Devoted Slave 
12.Ich Bin Verloren In Berlin 
To Those Who Walk Behind Us (2009)
Illdisposed - To Those Who Walk Behind Us 1.Blood on Your Parade 
2.For the Record 
3.Just Come And Get Me 
4.Seeking Truth - Telling Lies 
5.Sale at the Misery Factory 
6.To Those Who Walk Behind Me 
7.If All the World 
8.My Number Is Expired 
9.Johnny (Fine Young Cannibals cover) 
10.This Unscheduled Moment 
11.Nu Gik Det Lige Så Godt 

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