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Kronos Gitár,Vocal : Grams
Gitár : Richard
Basszer,Vocal : Tom
Dob : Mike
Kronos was formed in 1994 in Thaon-les-Vosges (France) by Grams (14 years old), Marot (17 years old), Jeremy (17 years old) and Mike (13 years old). The band played at this point some Heavy-thrash-metal. Two years later Tems (19 years old) replaced Marot (guitar) and Kristof (18 years old) joins the band for the vocals. Kronos started then to play Death Metal music and recorded its first demo called Outrance. In 1999, Tom (20 years old) replaces Jéremy and the band is now definitely oriented towards 'Brutal Death Metal'. The following year the recording of a new demo Split Promo 2000 containing 4 titles is finalized.The long awaited first album Titan's Awakening was released in 2001. This first edition of this album was produced by the band itself. The band has then been acclaimed by critics and got its first contract with the label Warpath Records (former Shockwave). A new edition of Titan's Awakening is released at the end of October the same year with a new cover designed by Deather (Angel Corpse, Gurkkhas, Vital Remains...) as well as a new graphical booklet. Richard (26 years old) replaces Tems and plays the lead guitar from 2003. The band signs a contract for two upcoming albums with the new Spanish label Xtreem music managed by Dave Rotten from the band Avulsed. The second album was released in 2004 and is named Colossal Titan Strife. The band toured Europe in 2005 promoting the album. The third album was released in April 2007 and is named The Hellenic Terror.

Albumok :

Outrance (Tape) Demo (1997)
Kronos - Outrance (Tape) Demo1.Intro 
2.Sadictik Retribution 
3.Enslaved By The Madness 
6.Supreme Nordik Reign 
Split Promo (Demo) (2000)
3.Disease Of God 
None Divine (2000)
 1.None Divine 
2.The Stolen Art Of Creation 
Titan's Awakening (2001)
Kronos - Titan1.Mashkhith 
3.Enslaved By The Madness 
5.Eternal Mindtrap 
7.Sadistik Retribution 
10.Disease Of God 
11.Demence Of The Gnomish Warriors 
12.Supreme Nordik Reign 
Colossal Titan Strife (2004)
Kronos - Colossal Titan Strife1.Mythological Bloodbath 
2.Colossal Titan Strife 
5.With Eaque Sword 
6.Aeternum Pharaos Curse 
8.Monumental Carnage 
9.Phaeton [watch video]
11.Infernal Worms Fields 
The Hellenic Terror (2007)
Kronos - The Hellenic Terror1.The Road of Salvation 
2.Bringers of Disorder 
3....Until the End of Time 
4.Suffocate the Ignorant 
5.A Huge Cataclysm 
6.Tricephalic Hellkeeper 
7.Petrifying Beauty, part.1 Divine Vengeance 
8.Petrifying Beauty, part.2 The Murderous Reflection 
9.Ouranian Cyclops 
10.Maze of Oblivion 

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