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Keel Ének : Ron Keel
Gitár : Marc Ferrari
Gitár : Bryan Jay
Basszusgitár : Kenny Chaisson
Dobok : Dwain Miller

Albumok :

Lay Down The Law (1984)
Keel - Lay Down The Law1.Thunder And Lightning 
2.Lay Down The Law 
3.Speed Demon 
4.Princess Of Illusion 
5.Born Ready 
6.Metal Generation 
7.Till Hell Freezes Over 
8.Tonight You`re Mine 
9.Let`s Spend The Night Together 
The Right To Rock (1985)
Keel - The Right To Rock1.The Right To Rock 
2.Back To The City 
3.Let`s Spend The Night Together 
4.Easier Said Than Done 
5.So Many Girls, So Little Time 
6.Electric Love 
7.Speed Demon 
8.Get Down 
9.You`re The Victim (I`m The Crime) 
10.Easier Said Than Done (remix) 
The Final Frontier (1986)
Keel - The Final Frontier1.The Final Frontier 
2.Rock And Roll Animal 
3.Because The Night 
4.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 
5.Arm And A Leg 
6.Raised On Rock 
7.Just Another Girl 
8.Tears Of Fire 
10.No Pain, No Gain 
Keel (1987)
Keel - Keel1.United Nations 
2.Somebody`s Waiting 
3.Cherry Lane 
4.Calm Before The Storm 
5.King Of The Rock 
6.It`s A Jungle Out There 
7.I Said The Right Thing To The Wrong Girl 
8.Don`t Say You Love Me 
9.If Love Is A Crime (I Wanna Be Convicted) 
10.4th Of July 
Larger Than Live (1988)
Keel - Larger Than Live1.Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty 
2.Riding High 
3.Die Fighting 
4.Dreams Are Not Enough 
5.So Many Good Ways To Be Bad 
6.Fool For A Pretty Face 
7.Hard As Hell (live) 
8.Rock And Roll Animal (live) 
9.Private Lies (live) 
10.Rock `n Roll Outlaw (live) 
11.The Right To Rock (live) 
12.Cold Day In Hell (live) 
Keel VI: Back In Action (1998)
Keel - Keel VI: Back In Action1.Back In Action 
2.Reason To Rock 
3.United Nations 
4.Friday Every Night 
5.Reach Out And Rock Somebody 
6.Hold Your Head Up 
7.Proud To Be Loud 
8.Answers In Your Eyes 
9.Lay Down The Law `84 
10.Speed Demon `84 
Streets Of Rock & Roll (2010)
Keel - Streets Of Rock & Roll1.Streets Of Rock & Roll 
2.Hit The Ground Running 
3.Come Hell Or High Water 
4.Push & Pull 
5.Does Anybody Believe 
6.No More Lonely Nights 
7.The Devil May Care (But I Don`t) 
8.Lookin` For A Good Time 
9.Gimme That 
10.Hold Steady 
12.Brothers In Blood 

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-Doom-, metalize, Stargazer, Metalfanatic, Lucyus, Stacee, metalazesz85, Rókatündér, Martyr, Mocsok, Herr Kaiser, roboszt, Hound of Hades, Sortilége Man, Xyz666

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