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Krieg Ének (1995-2005, 2007) : Imperial
Gitár (2000-2005, 2007) : Joeseph Van Fossen
Basszusgitár (Studio only, 2009) : Wrest
Dobok (2009) : Chris Grigg

Albumok :

Rise of the Imperial Hordes (1998)
Krieg - Rise of the Imperial Hordes 1.The Arrival 
3.The Great Black Death 
4.As Humanity Fades 
5.My Weeping Soul, Part 2 
7.End of Time 
8.Calamity From the Skies 
9.Reunion of the Ancients 
10.Path of Soth 
11.The Ascension 
12.Enlightened Ones (Havohej cover) 
Destruction Ritual (2002)
Krieg - Destruction Ritual 1.Destruction Ritual 
2.To Wander the Stars... 
3.The Ancient Dwells Beneath 
4.As Graveyard Rites... As Darkness Falls 
5.Coldwind Flame 
6.The Immaculate Whore 
7.Suicide Amidst Katharsis 
8.A Crumbling Shrine 
9.Black Ash Snowfall 
10.Enhanced Soil Where Fierce Battles Once Raged 
11.Still Waters Shall Remain Their Tombs 
The Black House (2004)
Krieg - The Black House 1.Deconstructing The Eternal Tombs 
4.Fleshprison Monolith 
5.Fallen Princes Of Sightless Visions.. 
6.A Process Of Dying 
7.Sickening Voices Without Speech 
8.Ruin Under A Burning Sky 
9....Without Light 
10.Murder Without The Burden Of Conscience 
11.Venus In Furs (The Velvet Underground cover) 
Sono Lo Scherno (2005)
Krieg - Sono Lo Scherno 1.Seven Plagues, Seven Houses 
2.Knights of the Holocaust 
3.Fallen One 
4.Slit Their Throats to the Spine 
5.Hallucinations in the Withered Eden 
6.Ruin Under the Burning Skies 
8.Plague Waltz 
9.Power of Darkness 
10.Shadows of the Fallen Kingdom 
11.Blackash Snowfall 
12.Hypnotic Decay 
Blue Miasma (2006)
Krieg - Blue Miasma 1.The Great Beast Trembled in Nightmare 
2.Who Shall Stand Against Me? 
3.The Blue Mist 
4.Under An Uncaring Moon 
5.The Sick Winds Stir the Cold Dawn 
6.And Now the End 
7.Lingering Doubt 
8.Hallucinations in Deep Corruption 
9.Every Wound Burned 
10.An Empty Room, a Forgotten Funeral 
11.The Master`s Voice 
12.Scars Brought into Question 
13.The Forest Beneath the Sea 
The Isolationist (2010)
Krieg - The Isolationist 1.No Future 
2.Photographs From An Asylum 
3.All Paths to God 
6.Religion III 
7.Blue of Noon 
8.Decaying Inhalations 
9.An the Stars Fell On 
11.Dead Windows 

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_hNp88, HCWR, Domination, Asphyxiation, LORD WINTER, wiglafSS, Blackash Snowfall, RIP696, HungAryan Metal Terrorist, Worldfall, Tenebrarum Nebula

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