LION,S SHARE Ének : Nills Patrick Johansson
Gitár : Lars Christmansson
BasszusGitár : Sampo Axelsson
Dob : Stefan Norgren

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Starting with their debut in 1995, LION'S SHARE went on to land a worldwide record contract with Century Media and release “Two”, which was hailed as a melodic metal masterpiece. The CD was promoted by a European tour with metal legends SAXON and a follow-up trek with ICED EARTH and NEVERMORE and more dates with SAXON. In 1998 a tour with U.D.O. and additional club gigs in Sweden took place. With the 1999 album “Fall From Grace”, LION'S SHARE streamlined its sound towards a tighter, heavier sound without losing any of its melodic sensibility. An appearance at the 1999 Sweden Rock Festival with bands like SCORPIONS, DEEP PURPLE and MANOWAR was followed by a Scandinavian tour in 2000 with DIO, MANOWAR and MOTÖRHEAD. The “Entrance” album came out in 2001 on Massacre Records and was supported by a number of headlining shows and yet another appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival. The band returned with 2007's intense “Emotional Coma”. 2008's “The Magic Circle Festival” DVD out of the MANOWAR camp features 2 live tracks by LION'S SHARE.LION'S SHARE “Dark Hours”, is a natural follow-up to 2007's “Emotional Coma”, the band builds on their trademark style they have developed. Crushing guitar work, top flight musicianship combined with melodic vocals and a knack for building songs that consume the listener. As with their previous release, “Dark Hours” also features some splendid guest players, including guitarist Michael Romeo (Symphony X). “Dark Hours” was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Symphony X, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth) at Fascination Street.
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    Lion's Share (1995)
    LION,S SHARE - Lion1.Sins of father 
    4.Play by the rules 
    5.Judgement day 
    6.Nothing`s free 
    8.Just in time to be late 
    9.Taking on the world 
    10.Scearchin for answers 
    Two (1997)
    LION,S SHARE - Two1.Wild at heart 
    2.Lord of the pain 
    4.Don`t come easy 
    6.Baptistm of fire 
    7.Flash in the night 
    8.World gone wrong 
    9.Rat Race 
    Fall From Grace (1999)
    LION,S SHARE - Fall From Grace1.The Edge of sanity 
    2.Unholy rites [watch video]
    3.Fall from grace 
    5.Remembrance [watch video]
    6.The day the earth caught fire 
    7.A hole of black 
    8.A touch of evil (Judas Priest cover) 
    Perspective (Válogatás Album) (2000)
    LION,S SHARE - Perspective (Válogatás Album)1.Sins of father 
    4.Play by the rules 
    5.I dont believe in love 
    6.Judgement day 
    8.Just in time tobe late 
    9.Lion`s share 
    10.Searchin for answers 
    12.Baptistm of fire 
    13.Wild at heart 
    14.Flash in the heart 
    16.Don`t come easy 
    17.World gone wrong 
    18.Rat Race 
    19.Nothings free 
    20.Lord of the pain 
    Entrance (2001)
    LION,S SHARE - Entrance1.Entrance [watch video]
    2.Shotgun messiah 
    4.Through the coulds 
    8.War machine 
    9.On and on 
    10.Losing my head 
    11.Free your mind 
    Emotional Coma (2007)
    LION,S SHARE - Emotional Coma1.Cult of coma 
    2.The arsonist 
    3.Emotional coma 
    4.Clones of fate 
    5.The edge of the razor [watch video]
    6.Toxication rave 
    7.Bloodstained soil 
    8.Soul taker 
    9.Hatred`s my fuel 
    11.Ring of stupidity 
    Dark Hours (2009)
    LION,S SHARE - Dark Hours1.Judas must die [watch video]
    2.Phantom rider 
    3.Demon in your mind 
    4.Heavy cross to bear 
    5.The bottomless pit 
    6.Full metal jacket 
    7.The presidio 
    8.Barker rach 
    9.Napalm nights 
    10.Space scam 
    11.Behind the curtain 

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