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Lustmord Mac Pro, Logic Pro,[1] EMS Synthi AKS,[2] Ableton Live[3] : Brian Williams

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Lustmørd (1981)
Lustmord - Lustmørd1.Headplate 
6.Kredo / Nemo 
7.Beast Of Burden Beast Of Prey 
Lustmordekay (1982)
Lustmord - Lustmordekay 1.LIVE EVIL 
Paradise Disowned (1984)
Lustmord - Paradise Disowned1.Beckoning 
3.Dreams Of Dead Names 
4.Pyre (Necro Cristi) 
5.Purge (Banishing) 
6.Terror Against Terror 
7.Comahon Q.Q. Comahon 
Vhutemas / Arechetypi (with Graeme Revell) (1985)
Lustmord - Vhutemas / Arechetypi (with Graeme Revell)1.vhutemas arechetypi 
CTI (with Chris & Cosey) (1988)
Lustmord - CTI (with Chris & Cosey)1.Chris Carter (2) – Moonlight 
2.Chris Carter (2) – Real Life 
3.Chris Carter (2) – Noevil 
4.Chris Carter (2) – Mondo B 
5.Chris Carter (2) – Nobadhairdo 
6.Chris Carter (2) – Beyond Temptation 
7.CTI – Thy Gift Of Tongues 
8.CTI – Conquest 
9.CTI – Hammer House 
10.CTI – Crash 
11.CTI – The Need 
12.CTI – Ident 
Core (1988)
Lustmord - Core1.Feeder (8:43) - Featuring - Coil 
2.Trapezoid (5:12) - Featuring - Joe Potts , John Duncan 
3.Futureshock (7:19) - Featuring - Monte Cazazza 
4.Unmasked (4:14) - Featuring - Robert Wyatt 
5.Over Abyss (6:45) - Featuring - Lustmord 
6.Guest + Host = Ghost (4:40) - Featuring - Boyd Rice 
7.Core (7:40) 
Heresy (1990)
Lustmord - Heresy1.1. Heresy Part I 7:26 2. Heresy Part II 10:16 3. Heresy Part III 6:01 4. Heresy Part IV 6:34 5. Heresy Part V 7:54 6. Heresy Part VI 14:44 
The Monstrous Soul (1992)
Lustmord - The Monstrous Soul1.Ixaxaar 
2.Primordial Atom 
3.Protoplasmic Reversion 
4.The Daathian Doorway 
5.The Fourth And Final Key 
Terror Against Terror (1992)
Lustmord - Terror Against Terror1.By Any Mean Necessary 
2.The Only Good God is a Dead God 
3.Tactical Intervention 
4.Psychological Warfare 
5.Stalker (MKUltra Mix) 
6.Hunter Killer 
9.Mutually Assured Destruction 
10.By Any Means Necessary (Pop Shit Mix) 
Isolrubin BK (1993)
Lustmord - Isolrubin BK1.Resistance of the human head to crash impact 
2.Motor vehicle collision victim removal procedure 
3.Three possible points of impact that a driver may incur when colliding with an object at speed 
4.The Dynamics involved in an injury by mechanical force 
5.Extensive fissured skull fractures produced by the head striking the border of the windshield 
6.Cranio-facial absorption: multiple lacerations 
7.Return to the scene of a severe read traffic accident for detailed investigation of conditions pending reconstruction 
The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (1994)
Lustmord - The Place Where The Black Stars Hang1.Section 1: Sol Om On 
2.Section 2: Aldebaran of the Hyades 
3.Section 3: Dark Companion 
4.Section 4: Metastatic Resonance 
5.Section 5: Dog Star Descends 
Trans Plutonian Transmissions (as Arecibo) (1994)
Lustmord - Trans Plutonian Transmissions (as Arecibo)1.Receiving Station Alignment 
2.Beyond The Heart Of Space 
3.The Four Second Timing Discrepancy 
4.Unified Field Modulation 
5.Anomalous Intermittent Radio Source 
6.Pulse Burst Decryption 
The Crow (1994)
Lustmord - The Crow1.Birth Of The Legend 
3.The Crow Descends 
5.Rain Forever 
6."Her Eyes...So Innocent" 
7.Tracking The Prey 
8.Pain And Retribution 
9.Believe In Angels 
10.Captive Child 
11.Devil`s Night 
12.On Hallowed Ground 
14.Return To The Grave 
15.Last Rites 
16.Featuring original music and sound design by Lustmord. 
Stalker (1995)
Lustmord - Stalker1.Elemental Trigger 
2.Synergistic Perceptions 
3.Hidden Refuge 
4.Delusion Fields 
5.Omnipresent Boundary 
6.Undulating Terrain 
7.Point of No Return 
Strange Attractor (1996)
Lustmord - Strange Attractor1.Strange Attractor 
2.Black Star 
DeepNet (1996)
Lustmord - DeepNet1.DEEPNET 2CD OOP INDUSTRIAL Lustmord Monte Cazazza 
Seedmouth (1996)
Lustmord - Seedmouth1.Seedmouth LUSTMORD / DEUTSCH NEPAL new [AB] 
Night Passage Demixed (1996)
Lustmord - Night Passage Demixed1.Ryoji Ikeda – #13 
2.Thomas Köner – Kyros 
3.Lustmord – Fragmented 
4.Bernhard Günter – Untitled 1/96 
Lustmord vs Metal Beast (1997)
Lustmord - Lustmord vs Metal Beast1.Broadcast Frequencies Converge 
2.Open Towers Emerge (Version) 
3.Heart of a Dog Chapter II I 
4.Torens Parts 
6.Heavy Manners 
7.Transmission Fades 
Plug Research & Development (1997)
Lustmord - Plug Research & Development 	1.A radical deconstruction of the Phthalocyanine track "Cassette" While technically a remix, this is actually a new Lustmord track with very little of the original - new melody, rhythm, dub-bass etc . 
Era Vulgaris Ncoded (1997)
Lustmord - Era Vulgaris Ncoded1."Numb" A "remix" (actually a drastic deconstruction) of the IT track " Human Womb" The Lustmord contribution is a new track and is an ambient/dub re-working, featuring only 5% of the original. 
Wild Planet (1999)
Lustmord - Wild Planet1."Infinite Domain" (Version) Compilation commissioned by cEvin Key for his own Subconscious label. This version of Infinite Domain is an alternative, earlier incarnation of the track from the Metavoid album 
Purifying Fire (2000)
Lustmord - Purifying Fire1.Strange Attractor 
2.Deep Calls to Deep 
3.Deep Calls to Dub 
4.Black Star 
6.Of Fire & Of Ice 
Darkwave v2 (2000)
Lustmord - Darkwave v21."Black Star" (version) A compilation of material someone classified as "darkwave". Includes an edit of the Lustmord track Black Star from Purifying Fire. I wasboth bemused and amused to be approached for inclusion on a K-Tel compilation, and th 
Metavoid (Nextera) (2001)
Lustmord - Metavoid (Nextera)1.The Ambivalent Abyss 
2.Blood Deep In Dread 
3.The Eliminating Angel 
5.The Outer Shadow 
6.Infinite Domain 
7.A Light That Is Darkness 
A Mutated Christmas (2001)
Lustmord - A Mutated Christmas1.Includes a Lustmord interpretation of Silent Night. 
Law Of The Battle Of Conquest (2002)
Lustmord - Law Of The Battle Of Conquest1.Monstrosity 
3.Heresy Resurrected 
4.Strong Attractron 
Zoetrope (Nextera) (2002)
Lustmord - Zoetrope (Nextera)1.Main Title/Infinite Space 
2.The Cell 
3.Cellular Blur 
5.Transitional Pathway 
6.Amalgamated Man 
7.The Harrow 
9.End Titles 
10.Zoetrope Trailer v.3 
Underworld (2003)
Lustmord - Underworld1.The score album (not to be confused with the song album) for the motion picture Underworld was co-produced by Lustmord and includes extensive Lustmord remixes and deconstructions of the score. 
Carbon/Core (2004)
Lustmord - Carbon/Core1.Immersion 
2.The Conflict of Symbols 
4.Born of Cold Light 
Pigs Of The Roman Empire (2004)
Lustmord - Pigs Of The Roman Empire1.III 
2.The Bloated Pope 
3.Toadi Acceleratio 
4.Pigs of the Roman Empire 
5.Pink Bat 
6.Zzzz Best 
7.Safety Third 
8.Idolatrous Apostate 
Lustmord Rising (06.06.06) (2006)
Lustmord - Lustmord Rising (06.06.06)1.Decompression 
3.Congregants Requests 1 
5.Congregants Requests 2 
7.Congregants Requests 3 
Juggernaut (2007)
Lustmord - Juggernaut 1.Erie 
O T H E R (2008)
Lustmord - O T H E R1.Testament 
4.Dark Awakening 
6.Of Eons 
7.Prime [Aversion] 
8.Er Ub Us 
"D" is for Dubby - The Lustmord Dub Mixes (2008)
Lustmord - "D" is for Dubby - The Lustmord Dub Mixes1.Bone Dub 
2.Children of Dub 
3.DoZo Dub 
4.. Dub v2.02 
5.Dub with Power 
6.Momma Dubbed Part 1 & 2 
7.Sour Dub 
8.Trekka Dub 
9.Vagina (Version) 
Lustmord -  THE DARK PLACES OF THE EARTH 1.Fallen 
6.The Last Days 
T R A N S M U T E D (2009)
Lustmord - T R A N S M U T E D1.Dub Awakening (Justin K. Broadrick Remix) 
2.Er Dub Us (Lustmord Remix) 
B E Y O N D (2009)
Lustmord - B E Y O N D1.Er Eb Es 
5.Er Eb Os 
O T H E R D U B (2009)
Lustmord - O T H E R D U B 1.Other Dub Part I 
2.Other Dub Part II 
3.Other Dub Part III 
Heretic (2010)
Lustmord - Heretic1.1. Heretic Part 1 2. Heretic Part 2 3. Heretic Part 3 4. Heretic Part 4 5. Heretic Part 5 6. Heretic Part 6 
Songs of Gods and Demons (2011)
Lustmord - Songs of Gods and Demons1.Corvus Mysterium 
2.The Blasted Plain 
3.Neural Ether 

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