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Magica Vocals : Ana Mladinovici
Guitar : Bogdan Costea
Keys : 6 fingers
Bass : Sorin Vlad
Drums : Hertz

Albumok :

The Scroll of Stone (2003)
Magica - The Scroll of Stone1.The Wish 
2.A Blood Red Dream 
3.The Sun is Gone 
4.The Sorcerer [watch video]
5.Road to the Unknown 
7.E Magic [watch video]
8.The Silent Forest 
9.Mountains of Ice 
10.The Key 
11.The Scroll of Stone 
12.Redemption [watch video]
Lightseeker (2004)
Magica - Lightseeker1.The Circle 
2.Bind you Forever [watch video]
3.Bittersweet Nightshade 
4.Dance of the Wasp 
5.A New Paradise 
7.Witch`s Broom 
8.The Living Grimoire 
9.Black Lace 
10.Curse for Eternity 
11.Wormwood [watch video]
Hereafter (2006)
Magica - Hereafter1.All waters have the Colour of Drowning [watch video]
2.Turn the Stone 
3.Through Wine 
4.No matter what [watch video]
6.This is who I am 
7.Weight of the World 
8.Energy for the Gods 
9.Shallow Grave 
10.I Remember a Day 
11.Into Silence 
13.Vrajitoarea cea Rea 
Wolves and Witches (2008)
Magica - Wolves and Witches1.Don`t wanna Kill [watch video]
2.They stole the sun [watch video]
3.Hold on tight 
4.Hurry up Ravens 
6.Dark Secret 
7.Just for 2 coins [watch video]
8.Until the light is gone 
10.Mistress of the Wind 
11.In the depth of the Lake 
Dark Diary (2010)
 1.Anywhere But Home 
3.Never Like You 
4.Wait for Me 
6.Release My Demons 
7.On the Side of Evil 
8.My Kin My Enemy 
9.Used to be an Angel 
10.We are Horde 
11.Dear Diary 

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