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Maroon Vocals : Andre Moraweck
Guitar : Sebastian Grund
Guitar : Sebastian "Riechtor" Rieche
Bass : Tom-Eric Moraweck
Drums : Nick Wachsmuth

Albumok :

Antagonist (2002)
Maroon - Antagonist1.Tempest I 
2.The Beginning Of The End 
3.En End Like This 
4.Shadows Of Vengeance 
5.Tempest II 
7.Still Believe In What Has Fallen Apart 
8.Beneath The Ashes 
10.What Remains 
Endorsed By Hate (2005)
Maroon - Endorsed By Hate1.Catharsis 
2.The Worlds Havoc 
3.Endorsed By Hate 
4.Watch It All Come Down 
5.Without A Face 
6.At The Gates Of Demise 
7.Chosen Fate 
8.The Omega Suite 
9.Human Waste 
10.Suffer Or Endure 
When Worlds Collide (2006)
Maroon - When Worlds Collide1.24HourHate 
2.And If I Loose, Welcome Annihilation 
4.Wake Up In Hell 
5.Annular Eclipse [watch video]
7.Confessions Of The Heretic 
8.There Is Something You Will Never Erase 
9.Omega Suite Pt. II 
10.Sword And Bullet 
12.Koo She 
13.Below Existence 
The Cold Heart Of The Sun (2007)
Maroon - The Cold Heart Of The Sun1.(Reach) The Sun 
2.Only The Sleeper Left The World 
3.Steelbath Your Heart 
4.My Funeral Song 
5.Black Halo! 
6.The Cold Heart Of The Sun 
7.For Those Unseen 
8.As Truth Becomes Vain 
9.The Iron Council 
10.Fear The Most Them Who Protect 
11.Some Goodbyes Are Farewells 
Order (2009)
Maroon - Order1.Intro 
3.Stay Brutal 
4.A New Order 
6.This Ship Is Sinking 
7.Call Of Telah 
8.Leave You Scarred & Broken 
9.Children Of The Next Level 
10.Bombs Over Ignorance 
11.Wolves At The End Of The Street 
13.Under The Surface 
14.Wider Allem 
15.Teenage Kicks 

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