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Mithras Vocals/Bass : Sean Beam
Guitars/Drums : Leon Macey
Bass/Vocals : Rayner Coss
Drums(Session Musician) : Sean Broster

Albumok :

Gods Among Men 'Demo'(Imperator néven) (1999)
Mithras - Gods Among Men 1.Conquered Realms 
2.Gods Among Men 
3.Ancient Prophecy 
4.Plagued Lands 
Re-Taken Empire 'Split'(Imperator néven) (2000)
Mithras - Re-Taken Empire 1.Last Stand 
2.Re-Taken Empire 
3.Abbey Gargoyles 
4.One Unto The Same 
5.Hallowed Halls 
Dreaming In Splendour 'Demo' (2000)
Mithras - Dreaming In Splendour 1.Vae Solis 
2.Dreaming In Splendour 
3.Wrath Of God 
4.The Caller And The Listener 
5.Bequeath Thy Visions 
Tomb Of Kings 'Demo' (2000)
 1.Tomb Of Kings 
2.Tomb Of Kings 
3.As The Wind Blows 
Bequeath Thy Visions 'Demo' (2002)
 1.The Caller And The Listener 
2.Bequeath Thy Visions 
Forever Advancing...Legions (2002)
Mithras - Forever Advancing...Legions1.Forever Advancing...Legions 
2.Trample Their Works 
3.Sloping Altars 
4.Arena Sands 
5.Amidst The Fallen Arches 
6.The Green Wanderer Returns 
7.Wrath Of God 
8.As The Wind Blows 
9.Vae Solis 
10.Dreaming In Splendour 
11.Tomb Of Kings 
12.What Lies Beyond 
Worlds Beyond The Veil (2003)
Mithras - Worlds Beyond The Veil1.Portal To The...(Intro) 
2.Worlds Beyond The Veil 
3.Bequeath Thy Visions 
4.The Caller And The Listener 
5.Break The World`s Divide 
6.Lords And Masters 
8.Voices In The Void 
9.Sands Of Time 
10.Search The Endless Planes 
11.They Came,And You Were Silent 
13.Beyond The Eyes Of Man 
Behind The Shadows Lie Madness (2007)
Mithras - Behind The Shadows Lie Madness1.The Journey And The Forsaken 
2.To Fall From The Heavens 
3.Under The Three Spheres 
4.Into Black Holes Of Oblivion 
5.When The Light Fades Away 
6.Behind The Shadows 
7.Awaken Man And Stone 
8.The Twisted Tower 
9.To Where The Sun Never Leaves 
10.The Beacon Beckons 
11.Thrown Upon The Waves 
12.Into The Unknown 
Sands Of Time (2010)
Mithras - Sands Of Time1.Gods among men (re-recorded 2003 pre `Worlds...`) 
2.Ancient prophecy (re-recorded 2003 pre `Worlds...`) 
3.The caller and the listener (from `Bequeath Thy Visions` demo 
4.Bequeath thy visions (from `Bequeath Thy Visions` demo) 
5.Transcendence (from `Bequeath Thy Visions` demo) 
6.Vae Solis (from `Dreaming In Splendour MCD`) 
7.Dreaming in splendour (from `Dreaming In Splendour MCD` 
8.Wrath of God (from `Dreaming In Splendour MCD`) 
9.Tomb of kings (from `Tomb Of Kings` demo) 
10.As the wind blows (from `Tomb Of Kings` demo) 
11.Conquered realms (from `Gods Among Men` MCD) 
12.Gods among men (from `Gods Among Men` MCD) 
13.Ancient prophecy (from `Gods Among Men` MCD) 
14.Plagued lands (from `Gods Among Men` MCD) 
Time Never Lasts(EP) (2011)
Mithras - Time Never Lasts(EP)1.Time Never Lasts 
2.Inside The Godmind 
3.Tomb Of Kings(Live) 
4.Wrath Of God(Live) 
5.Beyond The Eyes Of Man(Live) 

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