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  Gitár,Ének : GrindMasterFlash
Gitár : Serafino Scavo
Dob : Kevin Gutmann
95-ben alakult Death Metal/Grindcore zenekar,Egészen pontosan (Öhringen, Baden-Württemberg)

Albumok :

Sicko Baby (1997)
Mucupurulent - Sicko Baby1.Intro 
2.Lacerated Tits 
3.Cybersex Deliria 
4.Scrotal Hernia 
5.Oral Sex Masturbation 
6.Mangled to the Gore 
7.Pussy Berzerker 
8.Suborbital Ejaculation 
9.Abhorrent Dissection 
10.Splattering Nirvana 
11.Vaginal Cancer 
12.Gays Errection 
13.Cumshot Messiah 
14.Stainless Spoon 
15.Corroded Testicles 
16.Splatter Whore 
17.Fistfucked Barby 
18.Spermsoaked Bitch Consumer 
19.Pierced By A Driller 
20.Extra Uterine Pregnancy 
21.Urethral Discharge 
Horny Like Hell (1999)
Mucupurulent - Horny Like Hell1.Punishment 
2.Cum in My Face 
3.Horny Like Hell 
4.Bondage Fingers 
5.The Guzzler 
6.Zombie Squad 69 
8.Little Pink Examine Room 
9.Vulva Shut 
10.RIP Bunny Master 
11.Hellshelter Babe 
Mucubelching Beats (2002)
Mucupurulent - Mucubelching Beats1.Intro 
2.Love Is A Kind Of Mistery (Invisible Limits cover) 
3.Out Of Hand (Entombed cover) 
4.Break Away (Tracy Ullmann cover) 
5.Thunder Kiss 65 (White Zombie cover) 
6.I Can`t Stand The Rain (Tina Turner cover) 
7.Choice Of A New Generation (Brutal Truth cover) 
8.You Spin Me Round (Dead Or Alive cover) 
9.Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC cover) 
10.We Die Young (Alice In Chains cover) 
11.Blue Monday (New Order cover) 
12.Dust To Dust (The Misfits cover) 
13.Salvation (Cranberries cover) 
14.Conny Is A Punkrocker (Ramones cover: Sheena Is A Punkrocker) 
15.Annemarie (Extrabreit cover) 
16.Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck (Prong cover) 
17.Wholes Are Empty (Pt. II) (Violent Femmes cover) 
18.Green Machine (Kyuss cover) 
Soul Reaver (2002)
Mucupurulent - Soul Reaver1.Again 
2.Pain Lasts Forever 
3.Spine of Madness 
4.Back to the Bones 
6.Soul Reaver 
8.The Return of the Squad 
10.Like Gasoline 
11.Drive Me Dead 
Bloodstained Blues (2006)
Mucupurulent - Bloodstained Blues1.St. Anus 
3.Hell Is Here 
5.Evil Rejects 
6.Bloodstained Blues 
8.My Own Misery 
9.Total Blockade Eye 
10.Torn To Pieces II 
11.Cut Under The Left Eye 
Monsters of Carnage (2010)
Mucupurulent - Monsters of Carnage1.Candy Cat 
2.Low Brain Blow Bunny 
4.Sex Carnage 
5.Breathing Red Dust 
6.Spit Blood on Your Parents Grave 
7.Muscle Car Man 
9.Damage Dealer 
11.Helldriver / Glowduster 
12.Gaylord Warrior 
14.Horny Little Honeypies 
15.HC Bitch 

Kedvencek közé jelölték :
Athelgard, 5 pONtosan az 8, Nitroglicerin, HungAryan Metal Terrorist, Ink-Visitor, ANAL NOSOROG, Massacrschmitt

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