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Municipal Waste Vocals : Tony Foresta
Guitar : Ryan Waste
Bass, Vocals : Land Phil
Drums : Dave Witte
ex-Drums : Brendon Trache
ex-Bass : Andy Harris
ex-Drums : Brandon Ferrell
The Fatal Feast (a 2012-es album címadó dalához)


Politika, társadalomkritika és bulizás, sok humorral, thrash/crossover stílusban, egyenesen az USA-ból.

Albumok :

Municipal Waste (EP) (2001)
Municipal Waste - Municipal Waste (EP)1.Ammunition (Intro) 
2.Thrashin`s My Business... And Business Is Good 
3.Detention Mosh Session 
6.Floor Score 
Tango and Thrash (Split with Bad Acid Trip) (2002)
Municipal Waste - Tango and Thrash (Split with Bad Acid Trip)1.Escape From New York (Intro) 
2.Big Trouble in Little China 
3.Captain Ron (Overboard) 
5.Tango and Thrash 
6.You`re No Bigger Than What Annoys You 
7.Eptar le gourgeois 
8.Who Sabotaged Captain Keeanu, Orbit Whore, and Dr. Scopes` Space Ship 
9.Hamster Ball People of Earth 
Crucial Unit / Municipal Waste (Split) (2002)
Municipal Waste - Crucial Unit / Municipal Waste (Split)1.Five Inches of Oppressio 
2.I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for No Screamo 
3.Nine Hundred Samosas 
4.Wall of Death the Chain of Life 
5.I Heard Mayday Was a Riot 
6.Scrabble Punx 
7.Million Dollar Thrash Song 
8.This Machine Kills Buffets 
9.Thrashaholics Unanimous 
10.The Garbage Stomp (Intro) 
11.Wicked Fit 
12.Poser Disposer 
13.Chemical Artillery (The Toxic Survival) 
14.Insurance Fraud 
15.Scantron Slamathon (Detention Mosh Session, Part 2) 
16.Born to Party 
17.Abusement Park 
18.Percy`s Trip to the Dentist 
19.Haunted Junkyard 
Waste 'Em All (2003)
Municipal Waste - Waste 1.The Executioner (Intro) 
2.Sweet Attack 
3.Mutants of War 
4.Knife Fight 
5.Drunk as Shit 
6.Death Prank 
7.Substitute Creature 
8.Waste `em All 
9.Toxic Revolution 
10.I Want to Kill the President 
11.Thrash?! Don`t Mind If I Do 
12.Dropped Out 
13.Blood Hunger 
14.Jock Pit 
15.The Mountain Wizard 
16.[hidden track] 
Louder than Hell (Split with Hirax, The Accüsed, Toxic Narcotic, Vöetsek) (2005)
Municipal Waste - Louder than Hell (Split with Hirax, The Accüsed, Toxic Narcotic, Vöetsek)1.Hostile Territory (Hirax) 
2.Take My Time (The Accüsed) 
3.Get The Gun (Toxic Narcotic) 
4.Mind Eraser (Municipal Waste) 
5.Thee Butcher II/Tormentor (Vöetsek) 
Hazardous Mutation (2005)
Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation1.Deathripper 
2.Unleash the Bastards 
3.The Thing 
4.Blood Drive 
5.Accelerated Vision 
6.Guilty of Being Tight 
7.Set to Destruct 
8.Hazardous Mutation 
9.Nailed Casket 
10.Abusement Park 
11.Black Ice 
12.Mind Eraser 
13.Terror Shark 
14.The Thrashin` of the Christ 
The Art of Partying (EP) (2007)
Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying (EP)1.Headbanger Face Rip 
2.Unleash the Bastards (live) 
The Art of Partying (2007)
Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying1.Pre-Game 
2.The Art of Partying 
3.Headbanger Face Rip [watch video]
4.Mental Shock 
5.A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Destroyer) 
6.The Inebriator 
7.Lunch Hall Food Brawl 
8.Beer Pressure 
9.Chemically Altered 
10.Sadistic Magician 
11.Open Your Mind 
12.Radioactive Force 
13.Septic Detonation 
14.Rigorous Vengeance 
15.Born to Party 
Massive Aggressive (2009)
Municipal Waste - Massive Aggressive1.Masked By Delirium 
3.Divine Blasphemer 
4.Massive Aggressive 
5.Wolves Of Chernobyl 
6.Relentless Threat 
7.The Wrath Of The Severed Head 
8.Upside Down Church 
9.Shredded Offering 
10.Media Skeptic 
11.Horny For Blood 
12.Wrong Answer 
13.Acid Sentence 
The Fatal Feast (2012)
Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast1.Waste In Space 
3.New Dead Masters 
4.Unholy Abductor 
5.Idiot Check 
6.Covered In Sick/The Barfer 
7.You’re Cut Off 
8.Authority Complex 
9.Standards And Practices 
10.Crushing Chest Wound 
11.The Monster With 21 Faces 
12.Jesus Freaks 
13.The Fatal Feast 
14.12 Step Program 
15.Death Tax 
16.Residential Disaster 

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