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  • Nox Arcana is renowned for creating haunting, gothic-themed soundscapes with classic horror references, strong literary influences, original and captivating storylines, and hidden riddles and elaborate puzzles. The band is the musical manifestation of gothic fantasy artist Joseph Vargo. After successfully producing several gothic, horror-themed concept albums for other bands, Vargo formed Nox Arcana with fellow musician William Piotrowski in 2003. The name Nox Arcana is derived from two Latin words, which roughly translate to "mysteries of the night."
  • Nox Arcana's debut album, Darklore Manor, was featured as the musical score for the WB's televised special of the 1922 silent film classic, Nosferatu, and has spawned a book of original horror stories, The Legend of Darklore Manor and Other Tales of Terror. Their haunting Gothic soundtracks have also been used in theatrical productions of Bram Stokers' Dracula, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and Lewis Carrol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. During the Halloween season the music of Nox Arcana can be heard throughout haunted attractions and theme parks around the world, including Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, and Knott’s Berry Farm.
  • In keeping with their literary interests, these masters of the macabre pay tribute to many of their favorite authors. The darkly seductive album, Transylvania, ventures into the land of vampires, musically expounding upon Bram Stoker's Dracula. The sinister Necronomicon is brought to life in Nox Arcana's homage to H.P. Lovecraft. And the unsettling Blackthorn Asylum explores the horrors of a forsaken 19th century sanitarium with an original storyline that expands upon Lovecraft's "From Beyond." Carnival of Lost Souls takes listeners inside an old-fashioned traveling circus that harbors living nightmares and sinister secrets, in the tradition of Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes." The morbid and melancholy Shadow of the Raven pays tribute to the great Edgar Allan Poe, and the darkly enchanting Grimm Tales album brings the childhood nightmares of the Brothers Grimm to life. Theater of Illusion conjures a realm of mystery and dark magic, set in an old Vaudeville theater, hidden from the outside world, where master magicians gather to display their talents every Halloween night.
  • In addition to their popular Halloween concept CDs, the medieval sword and sorcery epic, Blood of the Dragon stormed in at #4 on Amazon's New Age chart, and Phantoms of the High Seas is a ghostly adventure steeped in pirate lore that explores mysteries of the deep. Their gothic-Christmas release Winter's Knight peaked at #8 on Billboard's Top Ten Best Holiday Albums. Winter's Eve continues to celebrate the magic and wonder of the winter season, and although Joseph Vargo had always been the major songwriter of Nox Arcana, this was the first album that he wrote and performed entirely by himself.
  • As with all of Nox Arcana’s albums, the concepts and themes are of personal interest to Joseph Vargo, who also creates the lavish artwork, captivating storylines and hidden puzzles that accompany each CD. The section called The Arcanum offers entertaining information about Nox Arcana's favorite authors and arcane subjects.
  • Joseph Vargo, composer, founder and producer of Nox Arcana, has produced 17 albums to date: 12 Nox Arcana albums and 5 albums with other recording artists, including Michelle Belanger and Jeff Hartz of Buzz-Works. He has also contributed music and narrations for various bands including Legion of the Damned and Acid Witch. In 2011, Vargo will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of his publishing company, Monolith Graphics, a world-leading producer of gothic and dark-themed products.
  • Joseph Vargo is an internationally acclaimed gothic fantasy artist and writer. He achieved international acclaim in 1993 with the release of a series of artistic works entitled "Born of the Night," a title which has become synonymous with his gothic empire. His artwork has been featured in Spectrum's international collection The Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art, in Dark's Art Parlor Dark Visions collection, and in numerous other horror publications including 32 covers and countless illustrations for Dark Realms Magazine, Vampir, and the UK’s Bite Me. His artwork has been featured in productions by broadcast and film companies such as NBC, Universal, A&E, 20th Century Fox and The Discovery Channel.
  • In 1998 and 1999, Joseph Vargo produced, financed, directed and performed on the gothic-themed albums, Born of the Night and Realm of Shadows, drastically changing the sound and style of Midnight Syndicate to target the Halloween industry. In addition to music, Vargo has created various artistic and literary projects including Tales From The Dark Tower and The Gothic Tarot. His artbook, Born of the Night: The Gothic Fantasy Artwork of Joseph Vargo, features a collection of over 100 paintings and illustrations from about 1988 to 2005. Vargo's latest book, The Legend of Darklore Manor and Other Tales of Terror, contains 13 sinister stories including the novella that chronicles the grim history of the haunted mansion that inspired Nox Arcana's debut album. Be sure to visit to see hundreds of paintings and illustrations, and to read more of his extensive biography including complete publishing credits and in-depth interviews.
  • William Piotrowski, composer and engineer for Nox Arcana, began his professional music career at the early age of 15 when he created the musical score for an independent production entitled "Ghosts of Ohio," a video documentary about the original "Ghost Whisperer," which became a popular TV series on CBS. William plays guitar and keyboards, and is well versed in digital recording technology. William's expertise as a studio engineer enables him to bring Nox Arcana's artistic visions to life. In 2009, William left the band to pursue other interests but continues to act as the studio engineer for Nox Arcana.

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    Albumok :

    Darklore Manor (2003)
    Nox Arcana - Darklore Manor1.Legend [watch video]
    2.Darklore Manor [watch video]
    3.Threshold Of The Dead [watch video]
    4.Trespassers [watch video]
    5.Veil Of Darkness [watch video]
    6.Sanctuary Of Shadows [watch video]
    7.The Grande Hall [watch video]
    8.Remnants [watch video]
    9.Phantom Procession [watch video]
    10.Belladonna [watch video]
    11.Nursery Rhyme [watch video]
    12.Music Box [watch video]
    13.The Forgotten [watch video]
    14.Nightmare [watch video]
    15.No Rest For The Wicked [watch video]
    16.Omen [watch video]
    17.Seance [watch video]
    18.Beyond Midnight [watch video]
    19.Darkness Immortal [watch video]
    20.Incantation [watch video]
    21.Resurrected [watch video]
    Necronomicon (2004)
    Nox Arcana - Necronomicon1.Mythos [watch video]
    2.The Nameless City [watch video]
    3.Alhazred’s Vision [watch video]
    4.Necronomicon [watch video]
    5.Ancient Shadows [watch video]
    6.Azathoth [watch video]
    7.The Black Throne [watch video]
    8.Nyarlathotep [watch video]
    9.Temple Of The Black Pharaoh [watch video]
    10.Eldritch Rites [watch video]
    11.The Haunter Of The Dark [watch video]
    12.The Awakening [watch video]
    13.Yog-Sothoth [watch video]
    14.Guardian Of The Gate [watch video]
    15.Lords Of Darkness [watch video]
    16.Dagon [watch video]
    17.The Stars Align [watch video]
    18.Cthulhu [watch video]
    19.Ritual Of Summoning [watch video]
    20.Cthulhu Rising [watch video]
    21.The Great Old Ones [watch video]
    Winter's Knight (2005)
    Nox Arcana - Winter1.Vigil [watch video]
    2.Ghosts Of Christmas Past [watch video]
    3.Ebonshire [watch video]
    4.Solitude [watch video]
    5.Crystal Forest [watch video]
    6.First Snow [watch video]
    7.Evening Star [watch video]
    8.Reflections Of Long Ago [watch video]
    9.December Winds [watch video]
    10.Phantom Toccata [watch video]
    11.Hallowed Ruins [watch video]
    12.Gregorian Hymn [watch video]
    13.Spirit Of The Season [watch video]
    14.Coventry Carol [watch video]
    15.Lullaby [watch video]
    16.Winter’s Knight [watch video]
    17.Past Time With Good Company [watch video]
    18.God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen [watch video]
    19.Veni, Veni, Emmanuel [watch video]
    20.Redemption [watch video]
    21.Carol Of The Bells [watch video]
    Transylvania (2005)
    Nox Arcana - Transylvania1.Transylvania Overture [watch video]
    2.The Voyage [watch video]
    3.Gossamer Mist [watch video]
    4.The Black Coach [watch video]
    5.Sentinels of Stone [watch video]
    6.Into The Shadows [watch video]
    7.Castle Dracula [watch video]
    8.Visitors In The Night [watch video]
    9.Brides To Darkness [watch video]
    10.Grande Masquerade [watch video]
    11.Memento Mori [watch video]
    12.The Howling [watch video]
    13.Nocturne [watch video]
    14.Bats in the Belfry [watch video]
    15.Gothic Sanctum [watch video]
    16.Gypsy Caravan [watch video]
    17.From Dusk Till Dawn [watch video]
    18.Night Of The Wolf [watch video]
    19.Echoes From The Crypt [watch video]
    20.Shadow Hunters [watch video]
    21.Lair Of The Vampire [watch video]
    Carnival Of Lost Souls (2006)
    Nox Arcana - Carnival Of Lost Souls1.Ghosts Of The Midway [watch video]
    2.After Hours [watch video]
    3.Harlequin’s Lament [watch video]
    4.Calliope [watch video]
    5.Madame Endora [watch video]
    6.Nightmare Parade [watch video]
    7.Shadows Fall [watch video]
    8.Hall Of Mirrors [watch video]
    9.Spellbound [watch video]
    10.Cries in the Night [watch video]
    11.Soul Stealer [watch video]
    12.Haunted Carousel [watch video]
    13.Theatre Of Sorrows [watch video]
    14.Living Dolls [watch video]
    15.Lost in the Darkness [watch video]
    16.Snake Charmer [watch video]
    17.Freaks [watch video]
    18.Circus Diabolique [watch video]
    19.Pandora’s Music Box [watch video]
    20.The Devil’s Daggers [watch video]
    21.Storm [watch video]
    Blood Of Angels (2006)
    Nox Arcana - Blood Of Angels1.Ligeia`s Lament [watch video]
    2.Children Of Heaven [watch video]
    3.Bitter Ashes [watch video]
    4.Ella Sheena [watch video]
    5.Angels Are Weeping [watch video]
    6.Widow`s Walk [watch video]
    7.Forlorn [watch video]
    8.Blood Of Angels [watch video]
    9.Children Of Heaven (club mix) [watch video]
    Blood Of The Dragon (2006)
    Nox Arcana - Blood Of The Dragon1.Ancient Legacy [watch video]
    2.The Quest Begins [watch video]
    3.Citadel Of Secrets [watch video]
    4.Sorcerer [watch video]
    5.Treasure Of The Four Crowns [watch video]
    6.Highland Storm [watch video]
    7.Mist Loch [watch video]
    8.Underworld [watch video]
    9.The Mystic`s Keep [watch video]
    10.Stygian Depths [watch video]
    11.Legions Of Darkness [watch video]
    12.Steeds Of Thunder [watch video]
    13.Rogue`s Hollow [watch video]
    14.Warrior`s Dawn [watch video]
    15.The Siege [watch video]
    16.Dragon Riders [watch video]
    17.Flame Tongue [watch video]
    18.Defenders Of The Realm [watch video]
    19.Chamber Of The Immortals 
    20.Blood Of The Dragon [watch video]
    21.Eternal Champions [watch video]
    Shadow Of The Raven (2007)
    Nox Arcana - Shadow Of The Raven1.Darkest Hour [watch video]
    2.Melancholia [watch video]
    3.Descent Into Madness [watch video]
    4.The House Of Usher [watch video]
    5.Madeline`s Lament [watch video]
    6.Haunted Memories [watch video]
    7.Annabel Lee [watch video]
    8.Legacy Of Sorrow [watch video]
    9.The Black Cat [watch video]
    10.The Cask Of Amontillado [watch video]
    11.Mysteries Of The Night [watch video]
    12.Midnight Dreary [watch video]
    13.The Raven [watch video]
    14.Morbid Reminiscence [watch video]
    15.Lenore [watch video]
    16.A Dream Within A Dream [watch video]
    17.The Tell Tale Heart [watch video]
    18.Murders In The Rue Morgue [watch video]
    19.The Pit And The Pendulum [watch video]
    20.Masque Of The Red Death [watch video]
    21.Nevermore [watch video]
    Grimm Tales (2008)
    Nox Arcana - Grimm Tales1.Fable [watch video]
    2.Twilight [watch video]
    3.Once Upon A Nightmare [watch video]
    4.Shadow Forest [watch video]
    5.Eyes In The Dark [watch video]
    6.The Hollow [watch video]
    7.Sylvan Spirits [watch video]
    8.Wicked Heart [watch video]
    9.Conjuration [watch video]
    10.Night Wraiths [watch video]
    11.Deep In The Woods [watch video]
    12.The Forgotten Path [watch video]
    13.Fairy Tale [watch video]
    14.Crone`s Caverns [watch video]
    15.Rise To Destiny [watch video]
    16.Labyrinth Of Dreams [watch video]
    17.Castle Of Nightmares [watch video]
    18.Hall Of The Witch Queen [watch video]
    19.Ave Sinistra [watch video]
    20.Black Spires [watch video]
    21.Darkly Everafter [watch video]
    Phantoms Of The High Seas (2008)
    Nox Arcana - Phantoms Of The High Seas1.Dead Men Tell No Tales [watch video]
    2.The High Seas [watch video]
    3.Edge Of The World [watch video]
    4.Pirates [watch video]
    5.The Gallows Jig [watch video]
    6.Crossfire [watch video]
    7.Oblivion [watch video]
    8.Racing The Wind [watch video]
    9.Siren`s Call [watch video]
    10.Trove Island [watch video]
    11.Against The Storm [watch video]
    12.Lords Of The Deep [watch video]
    13.Maelstrom [watch video]
    14.Out Of The Mist [watch video]
    15.Still Waters [watch video]
    16.Black Sails [watch video]
    17.Fate Of The Tempest [watch video]
    18.The Fog Rolls In [watch video]
    19.Widow`s Harbor [watch video]
    20.Ghost Ship [watch video]
    21.Skull And Crossbones [watch video]
    Blackthorn Asylum (2009)
    Nox Arcana - Blackthorn Asylum1.Legacy Of Darkness [watch video]
    2.Blackthorn Asylum [watch video]
    3.Sanitarium Gates [watch video]
    4.Abandoned [watch video]
    5.Threshold Of Madness [watch video]
    6.Tapestry Of Decay [watch video]
    7.Hidden Horrors [watch video]
    8.When Darkness Falls [watch video]
    9.Shock Treatment [watch video]
    10.Fractured Memories [watch video]
    11.Phantasmagoria [watch video]
    12.Creeper [watch video]
    13.Sanity Slipping [watch video]
    14.Dementia 13 [watch video]
    15.Solitary Confinement [watch video]
    16.Frenzy [watch video]
    17.The Condemned [watch video]
    18.Spiders In The Attic [watch video]
    19.From Beyond [watch video]
    20.Essence Of Evil [watch video]
    21.Fade To Black [watch video]
    Winter's Eve (2009)
    Nox Arcana - Winter1.The Messenger [watch video]
    2.Frozen Memories [watch video]
    3.Magic And Moonlight [watch video]
    4.The Rose of Winter [watch video]
    5.Enchanted Realm [watch video]
    6.The Ides Of December [watch video]
    7.Gifts Of The Magi [watch video]
    8.Season Of Wonder [watch video]
    9.Solstice Dance [watch video]
    10.The White Queen [watch video]
    11.Winter`s Eve [watch video]
    12.Starlight Serenade [watch video]
    13.Greensleeves [watch video]
    14.The Longest Night [watch video]
    15.Pax Terra [watch video]
    16.Winds Of Change [watch video]
    17.Fading Embers [watch video]
    18.Crystal Chimes [watch video]
    19.Serenity [watch video]
    20.Winter Rhapsody [watch video]
    21.Time Slips Away [watch video]
    Zombie Influx (2009)
    Nox Arcana - Zombie Influx1.Ground Zero [watch video]
    2.Satellite Radiation [watch video]
    3.Defcon Six [watch video]
    4.Creeping Death [watch video]
    5.Echoes of the living [watch video]
    6.Doomsday [watch video]
    7.The Feeding [watch video]
    8.Warning Sings [watch video]
    9.The Dawn [watch video]
    10.Dead Run [watch video]
    11.Post Mortem [watch video]
    12.The Panic Spreads [watch video]
    13.Transmutation [watch video]
    14.The Pain Of Dying [watch video]
    15.Armageddon [watch video]
    16.Dead Life [watch video]
    17.Flesh Eaters [watch video]
    18.Ravenous [watch video]
    19.Zombie Influx [watch video]
    Theater of Illusion (2010)
    Nox Arcana - Theater of Illusion1.Abracadabra [watch video]
    2.Cobwebs [watch video]
    3.Nostalgia [watch video]
    4.Forgotten Dreams [watch video]
    5.Edge of Darkness [watch video]
    6.Phantom Theater [watch video]
    7.Hypnos [watch video]
    8.The Curtain Rises [watch video]
    9.The Crimson Hourglass [watch video]
    10.Sinister Cabaret [watch video]
    11.Necromancer [watch video]
    12.The Mask Of Arcana [watch video]
    13.Shadowplay [watch video]
    14.Voodoo [watch video]
    15.Mysterium [watch video]
    16.The Swords of Kali [watch video]
    17.Smoke and Mirrors [watch video]
    18.The Prestige [watch video]
    19.Black Fire [watch video]
    20.Dark Destiny [watch video]
    21.Lord of Illusions [watch video]
    The Dark Tower (2011)
    Nox Arcana - The Dark Tower1.Darkness Rising 
    2.Born of the Night [watch video]
    3.Crimson Thirst 
    5.Vesper Tolls 
    6.Path of Shadows 
    8.Ghost at the Gate 
    10.The Dark Tower [watch video]
    12.Vampire`s Kiss 
    13.Undying Love 
    14.Masque of Sorrow 
    15.King of Fools 
    16.Something Wicked 
    17.Sinister Forces 
    18.Immortal Fire 
    19.Sorrow`s End 
    20.Dark Desire 
    21.Noctem Aeternus 
    Winter's Majesty (2012)
    Nox Arcana - Winter1.Aquilon`s Wish 
    3.White Woodlands 
    4.Secret Sanctuary 
    5.Summon the Wind 
    6.Snow in the Shire [watch video]
    7.Crystal Kingdom 
    8.Solstice Spirits [watch video]
    9.Shelter from the Cold 
    10.Angels in the Snow 
    11.Scarborough Fair [watch video]
    12.Ivory Steeds 
    13.Winter Haven [watch video]
    14.Forest Lullaby 
    15.Days of Olde 
    17.The Coming of the King 
    18.Winter`s Majesty 
    19.We Three Kings 
    21.Final Peace 
    Legion of Shadows (2013)
    Nox Arcana - Legion of Shadows1.We Are Legion [watch video]
    2.Hidden Realm [watch video]
    3.Skeletons In The Closet 
    5.Distant Memories 
    6.Ancient Flame 
    9.Evil Genius 
    10.Ghost In The Mirror 
    13.Black Phoenix 
    14.Spirits Of The Past 
    15.On Dark Wings 
    16.Haunted Dreams 
    17.Into The Night 
    18.Rites Of Passage 
    20.Legion Of Shadows 
    21.Heart Of Darkness 
    Crimson Winter (2013)
    Nox Arcana - Crimson Winter1.Brotherhood of the Dragon 
    2.Falcon`s Flight 
    3.Echoes of the Past 
    4.Into the Wilderness 
    5.Broken Prince 
    7.Grim Discovery 
    8.Mortal Love 
    9.The Wolf`s Prey 
    10.The Lion Rises 
    11.Blood of the Elk 
    12.Gift of Love 
    13.Ora Pro Nobis 
    14.God`s Forgotten Children 
    15.In Pursuit 
    16.Reflections of Sorrow 
    18.Broken Wings 
    19.Crimson Winter 
    20.A Great Destiny 
    21.Vampires Among Us 
    Gothic (2015)
    Nox Arcana - Gothic1.Testament 
    2.Grimstone Manor 
    3.Ashes To Ashes 
    4.Forgotten By Time 
    5.Forgotten By Time 
    6.The Portrait Gallery 
    7.The Portrait Gallery 
    8.Into The Darkness 
    9.Familiar Haunts 
    10.The House Beyond The Graveyard 
    11.Unhallowed Halls 
    12.The Doll House 
    13.Melancholy Memories 
    14.Stir Of Shadows 
    15.Beyond The Forbidden Gate 
    16.In The Blood 
    17.The Beast Within 
    18.The Black Crypt 
    19.Wake The Dead 
    20.The Others 
    21.Rise Of The Ancestors 
    22.Dark Surrender 

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    Hozzászólások :
    Andrew Dravek
    Andrew Dravek
    2013.10.19. 10:02:47
    Ez se semmi alig hogy kijött a Legion of Shadows, már is itt a következő mestermű a Crimson Winter! Istenek, én mondom!

    Crimson Winter is now available for download at: iTunes

    In the frozen heart of winter, a group of researchers sets out to investigate a mysterious decline in the local wildlife population. Their journey takes them deep into the isolated mountain wilderness where they soon discover a terrifying truth and find themselves caught between two deadly foes in a centuries-old battle between vampires and hunters. As they struggle to survive, they come face to face with the vampire prince, Elric, who is haunted by his own dark past. An ancient prophecy and his own anguished heart weigh heavily upon him as the vampire lord decides the fate of those who have discovered his hidden sanctum.
    William Piotrowski's premiere solo project is the darkly captivating score for the vampire film Crimson Winter. Symphonic orchestrations blend with haunting piano melodies, exotic ambient soundscapes and intense aural effects to create a dark and elegant atmosphere.

    Crimson Winter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music composed and performed by William Piotrowski. (21 Tracks)

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