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Overkill ének : Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth
gitár/ének : Dave Linsk
gitár/ének : Derek Tailer
basszusgitár : D.D. Verni
dob : Ron Lipnicki

Albumok :

Power in Black demo (1983)
Overkill - Power in Black demo1.Overkill 
2.The Beast Within 
3.There`s No Tomorrow 
4.Death Rider 
5.Raise the Dead 
Feel the Fire (1985)
Overkill - Feel the Fire1.Raise the Dead 
2.Rotten to the Core 
3.There`s No Tomorrow 
4.Second Son 
6.Feel the Fire 
7.Blood and Iron 
8.Kill at Command 
10.Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys cover) 
Taking Over (1987)
Overkill - Taking Over1.Deny the Cross 
2.Wrecking Crew 
3.Fear His Name 
4.Use Your Head 
5.Fatal If Swallowed 
7.In Union We Stand 
9.Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues) 
Under The Influence (1988)
Overkill - Under The Influence1.Shred 
2.Never Say Never 
3.Hello From the Gutter 
4.Mad Gone World 
6.Drunken Wisdom 
7.End of the Line 
8.Head First 
9.Overkill III (Under the Influence) 
Fuck You ep (1988)
Overkill - Fuck You ep1.Fuck You 
2.Rotten to the Core (live) 
3.Hammerhead (live) 
4.Use Your Head (live) 
5.Electro-Violence (live) 
The Years of Decay (1989)
Overkill - The Years of Decay1.Time to Kill 
3.I Hate 
4.Nothing to Die For 
5.Playing With Spiders / Skullkrusher 
6.Birth of Tension 
7.Who Tends the Fire 
8.The Years of Decay 
9.E.vil N.ever D.ies 
Horrorscope (1991)
Overkill - Horrorscope1.Coma 
3.Blood Money 
4.Thanx for Nothin` 
5.Bare Bones 
7.New Machine 
8.Frankenstein (Edgar Winter cover) 
9.Live Young, Die Free 
10.Nice Day... For a Funeral 
I Hear Black (1993)
Overkill - I Hear Black1.Dreaming in Columbian 
2.I Hear Black 
3.World of Hurt 
4.Feed My Head 
5.Shades of Grey 
6.Spiritual Void 
7.Ghost Dance 
8.Weight of the World 
9.Ignorance & Innocence 
11.Just Like You 
W.F.O. (1994)
Overkill - W.F.O.1.Where It Hurts 
2.Fast Junkie 
3.The Wait / New High in Lows 
4.They Eat Their Young 
5.What`s Your Problem 
6.Under One 
7.Supersonic Hate 
8.R.I.P. (Undone) 
9.Up to Zero 
10.Bastard Nation 
11.Gasoline Dream 
Wrecking Your Neck live (1995)
Overkill - Wrecking Your Neck live1.Where It Hurts 
4.Supersonic Hate 
5.Wrecking Crew 
7.The Wait / New High in Lows 
9.Spiritual Void 
10.Hello From the Gutter 
13.Fast Junkie 
14.World of Hurt 
15.Gasoline Dream 
16.Rotten to the Core 
18.Under One 
19.New Machine 
20.Thanx for Nothin` 
21.Bastard Nation 
22.Fuck You / War Pigs 
The Killing Kind (1996)
Overkill - The Killing Kind1.Battle 
4.Burn You Down / To Ashes 
5.Let Me Shut That for You 
6.Bold Face Pagan Stomp 
7.Feeding Frenzy 
8.The Cleansing 
9.The Mourning After / Private Bleeding 
10.Cold, Hard Fact 
From the Underground and Below (1997)
Overkill - From the Underground and Below1.It Lives 
2.Save Me 
3.Long Time Dyin` 
5.Half Past Dead 
7.I`m Alright 
8.The Rip `n` Tear 
10.Little Bit o` Murder 
Necroshine (1999)
Overkill - Necroshine 1.Necroshine 
2.My December 
3.Let Us Prey 
4.80 Cycles 
6.Stone Cold Jesus 
7.Forked Tongue Kiss 
8.I Am Fear 
9.Black Line 
10.Dead Man 
Coverkill (1999)
Overkill - Coverkill1.Overkill (Motörhead cover) 
2.No Feelings (Sex Pistols cover) 
3.Hymn 43 (Jethro Tull cover) 
4.Changes (Black Sabbath cover) 
5.Space Truckin` (Deep Purple cover) 
6.Deuce (Kiss cover) 
7.Never Say Die (Black Sabbath cover) 
8.Death Tone (Manowar cover) 
9.Cornucopia (Black Sabbath cover) 
10.Tyrant (Judas Priest cover) 
11.Ain`t Nothin` to Do (Dead Boys cover) 
12.I`m Against It (Ramones cover) 
Bloodletting (2000)
Overkill - Bloodletting1.Thunderhead 
2.Bleed Me 
3.What I`m Missin` 
4.Death Comes Out to Play 
5.Let It Burn 
6.I, Hurricane 
7.Left Hand Man 
8.Blown Away 
9.My Name Is Pain 
10.Can`t Kill a Dead Man 
Wrecking Everything live (2002)
Overkill - Wrecking Everything live1.Necroshine 
3.E.vil N.ever D.ies 
4.Deny the Cross 
5.I Hate 
7.Bleed Me 
8.Long Time Dyin` 
9.It Lives 
11.The Years of Decay 
12.In Union We Stand 
Killbox 13 (2003)
Overkill - Killbox 13 1.Devil by the Tail 
3.No Lights 
4.The One 
5.Crystal Clear 
6.The Sound of Dying 
7.Until I Die 
8.Struck Down 
10.I Rise 
ReliXIV (2005)
Overkill - ReliXIV 1.Within Your Eyes 
3.Loaded Rack 
4.Bats in the Belfry 
5.A Pound of Flesh 
8.The Mark 2:14 
9.Play the Ace 
10.Old School 
Immortalis (2007)
Overkill - Immortalis1.Devils in the Mist 
2.What It Takes 
3.Skull and Bones 
4.Shadow of a Doubt 
5.Hellish Pride 
6.Walk Through Fire 
7.Head On 
8.Chalie Get Your Gun 
9.Hell Is 
10.Overkill V...The Brand 
Ironbound (2010)
Overkill - Ironbound 1.The Green And Black 
3.Bring Me The Night 
4.The Goal Is Your Soul 
5.Give A Little 
6.Endless War 
7.The Head And Heart 
8.In Vain 
9.Killing For A Living 
10.The SRC 
The Electric Age (2012)
Overkill - The Electric Age1.Come and Get It 
2.Electric Rattlesnake 
3.Wish You Were Dead 
4.Black Daze 
5.Save Yourself 
6.Drop the Hammer Down 
7.21st Century Man 
8.Old Wounds, New Scars 
9.All Over but the Shouting 
10.Good Night 
6 Songs ep (2012)
Overkill - 6 Songs ep1.Electric Rattlesnake 
2.Wish You Were Dead 
3.Give a Little (live @ Rock Hard Festival 2011) 
4.Bring Me the Night (live @ Rock Hard Festival 2011) 
5.Death Rider (live @ Rock Hard Festival 2011) 
6.The Beast Within (live @ Rock Hard Festival 2011) 

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