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Pelican Guitar : Trevor de Brauw
Bass : Bryan Herweg
Drums : Larry Herweg
Guitar : Laurent Schroeder-Lebec

Albumok :

Pelican (2001)
Pelican - Pelican 1.Pulse 
3.Forecast for Today 
4.The Woods 
Australasia (2003)
Pelican - Australasia1.NightEndDay 
3.Angel Tears 
March Into The Sea (2005)
Pelican - March Into The Sea1.March into the Sea 
2.Angel Tears 
Pelican / Mono (2005)
Pelican - Pelican / Mono1.Red Ran Amber 
2.Angel Tears 
3.Yearning - Mono 
The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw (2005)
Pelican - The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw1.Last Day of Winter 
2.Autumn Into Summer 
3.March to the Sea 
5.Red Ran Amber 
6.Aurora Borealis 
Pink Mammoth (2007)
Pelican - Pink Mammoth1.Pink Mammoth 
2.End of Seasons (Prefuse 73 remix) 
City of Echoes (2007)
Pelican - City of Echoes1.Bliss in Concrete 
2.City of Echoes 
3.Spaceship Broken - Parts Needed 
4.Winds With Hands 
5.Dead Between the Walls 
6.Lost in the Headlights 
7.Far from Fields 
8.A Delicate Sense of Balance 
Pelican - These Arms Are Snakes (2008)
Pelican - Pelican - These Arms Are Snakes1.Pink Mammoth - These Arms Are Snakes 
2.Gold Diggers - Pelican 
After the Ceiling Cracked (2008)
Pelican - After the Ceiling Cracked1.March Into the Sea 
2.Autumn Into Summer 
4.Last Day of Winter 
5.Aurora Borealis 
Ephemeral (2009)
Pelican - Ephemeral1.Embedding the Moss 
3.Geometry of Murder (Earth cover) 
What We All Come to Need (2009)
Pelican - What We All Come to Need1.Glimmer 
2.The Creeper 
4.Specks of Light 
5.Strung Up from the Sky 
6.An Inch Above Sand 
7.What We All Come to Need 
8.Final Breath 

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