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Preschool Tea Party Massacre Hülye vokálhangok : Stumpy
Vokál : DJ RUFFneck
Vokál : Supreme Allah
Dobprogram, Effektek : Concubine
Vokál : Don Carnage
Vokál, Gitár, Dobprogram : Easy Money
" hamarosan hozzájárul " : Shan Bone
Vokál : The Edge
Minden hangszer : Joey Wallz
AZ USAban, New Jersey államban, Newarkban alakult banda. Nagyjából Grind zenét tolnak, de HIPHOP, Trance, Techno, Indusztrial betétek, filmrészletek....sokmindent felhasználnak káoszos, beteg zenéjükhöz. Szövegeik poén, gyikolás, sorozatgyilkosok.....ról szólnak. Egyszer érdemes belefülelni a zenéjükbe, garantált a fetrengés.

Albumok :

Smokin at the Gas Station EP (2003)
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Smokin at the Gas Station EP1.Baby Clogged Toilet 
2.Da Dirty Tampon Requiem 
3.Giving Head to a Shotgun 
4.I`m Not Racist, I Just Hate Minorities 
The Bone Concubine EP (2004)
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - The Bone Concubine EP1.I Fuck on the First Date 
2.Damn, That`s the Second Girlfriend I`ve Killed 
3.Why Are Fat Ugly People Always the Artistic Ones 
4.Your Suicide Attempt Was Really Funny 
5.First Freehold, Then the World, Then Space 
John Denver School Of Flight (2005)
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - John Denver School Of Flight1.What A Horrible Way To Go Out 
2.Cherry Kool-Aid and K-Mart Sneakers Are Key Ingredients For Mass Suicide 
3.HIV Infected Fecal Matter 
4.I Took My A.K. To A Nun Shit Sex Orgy 
5.We Finally Got A Drummer But He`s Paralyzed From The Neck Down 
6.I`ll Stick My Dancing Shoes Up Your Ass 
7.Dimebag Is Just Like Selena...Dead 
8.Burning Bridges Like I Burn Babies 
9.Thug Mosh Grind Doo 
10.John Denver School Of Flight (Instrumental) 
11.How Many Licks To The Center Of A 8th Graders Pussy Pop 
Drop It Asshole! (2006)
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Drop It Asshole!1.I`m Too Old For This Shit 
2.That`s Right Asshole, Shit Happens! 
3.I`m`a Kill You, You Sick Asshole! 
4.No Way You Live, No Way 
6.Drop It Asshole! 
7.Alfred, Do You Like Ice Cream? 
8.You`re Rippin` My Dick Off and Shovin` it Up My Asshole! 
9.Don`t Worry Asshole, You`ll Get Another Chance 
10.On Your Knees Asshole! 
11.All Dressed Up and No One yo Blow 
12.Lieutenant Mike Harrigan 
13.I Never Forget an Asshole 
14.I Never Forget an Asshole 
Hardcore Died With Hitler (2006)
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Hardcore Died With Hitler1.Caveman Dildo 
2.Fuck Her and Kill Her But Not In That Order 
3.Charles Lindbergh Was A Fuck Machine 
4.Say Cheese and Get Raped 
5.Pope Mobile Drive By 
6.Sand Burial Fuckfest 
7.No Viewing Octopus Porno On Company Time 
8.I Swerved To Miss A Cat and Hit 36 Kids 
9.Climbing The Ladder of Exhibitionism At The Old Folks Home 
10.Dead Baby Eaten By Dogs 
11.Doggie Style Cyber Sex With Marilyn Monrobot 
12.Best Things In Life Are Free, Then Why Did I Pay To Get AIDS 
13.Beaten With Your Own Cowboy Boots 
14.Malibu Is For Gay Guidos and Women 
15.I Don`t Just Develop Film, I Develop Families 
16.Black Girlfriend Killed Grandma 
17.Sausage King Shooting Spree 
18.The Story of the Lonely Giraffe Who Fucked a Tree, a Fence, and a Shed 
19.Breastfeeding A Boozed Whore 
20.If You Got The HIV. Holla At Us (Cause We Never Rock Jimmy Hats) 
21.It Fucking Hurts When I Piss 
22.Since When Is Caging a Child Illegal 
23.Of Course I`m Not a Real Person. I`m a Big Piece of Poop 
24.Managing To Fuck A 16-Year-Old 
25.You Would Rise To The Occasion In A Room Full of Guys 
26.Cape + Mask + Gun = Neighborhood Shooting Rampage 
Return To The Bone Concubine (2007)
Preschool Tea Party Massacre - Return To The Bone Concubine1.Bludgeoned With A Vacuum Cleaner 
2.Alien Rape 
3.Faking Retardation To Fondle Women 
4.I Wonder What A Woolly Mammoth Burger Would Taste Like 
5.Raped For Two Years 
6.Fast Times at Abu Ghraib 
7.Mr. Potato Head The Convicted Wife-Beater 
8.Explaining To Police Why You Masturbate In The Public Library 
9.Baseball Bat Abortion 
10.The Lost Hitler Golf Trophy 
11.Sorry Miss, I Was Giving Myself An Oil Job 
12.Almost As Cool As Stealing Prosthetic Legs 
13.Things Got A Little Out of Hand So I Bit Off Her Nose 
14.Umbrella Sodomy 
15.Bringing Invisibility To A Gun Fight 
16.First Freehold, Then The World, Then Space 
17.Underage Girls Gone Wild! 
18.Is Yanni Gonna Have To Choke A Bitch? 
19.Dead Baby Speed Bump 
20.Holocaust Fun For The Whole Family 
21.If You Can`t Trust A Mexican Hooker Who Can You Trust 
22.Tune For Your Titties 
23.Your Baby Is Flatter Than A Short Stack At IHOP 
24.Myspace Beat Down 
25.Candy, Cookies, Toys, And 18 Other Ways To Get Kids In Your Minivan 
26.It Only Gets Worse From Here 
27.I Totally Owned That Handicapped Kid In DDR 
28.Jesus Was A Scarecrow 
29.Trying To Keep The Body Count At Six 
30.Who Needs Lubrication When I Have Your Tears 
31.Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Child Molester 
32.Fetus Cock Slap 
33.I`m Aint Filming Up Skirts, I`m Spying On Al-Qaeda 
34.Remember, Feet First Through A Woodchipper 
35.Almost As Cool As Stealing Prosthetic Legs (Screwed and Chopped) 

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