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Primal Fear Vokál : Ralf Scheepers
Gitár : Magnus Karlsson
Gitár : Henny Wolter
Basszusgitár,Vokál : Mat Sinner
Dobok : Randy Black
PRIMAL FEAR - Unbreakable dalízelítõk (a német power metal banda január 20-án megjelenõ Unbreakable albumának mind a 13 dalába belehallgathatsz)

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Albumok :

Primal Fear (1998)
Primal Fear - Primal Fear1.Primal Fear 
3.Silver and Gold 
4.Promised Land 
5.Formula One [watch video]
7.Nine Lives 
8.Tears of Rage 
9.Speed King 
10.Battalions of Hate 
11.Running in the Dust 
Jaws Of Death (1999)
Primal Fear - Jaws Of Death1.Jaws of Death 
2.Final Embrace 
3.Save a Prayer 
4.Church of Blood 
5.Into the Future 
6.Under your Spell 
7.Play to Kill [watch video]
8.Nation in Fear 
9.When the Night Comes 
10.Fight to Survive 
11.Hatred in my Soul 
12.Kill the King 
Nuclear Fire (2001)
Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire1.Angel in Black [watch video]
2.Kiss of Death 
3.Back from Hell 
4.Now or Never 
5.Fight the Fire 
6.Eye of an Eagle 
7.Bleed for Me 
8.Nuclear Fire 
9.Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove 
10.Red Rain 
11.Fire on the Horizon 
12.Living for Metal 
Horrorscope (2002)
Primal Fear - Horrorscope1.Under Your Spell 
2.Out In The Fields 
5.Kill The King 
Black Sun (2002)
Primal Fear - Black Sun1.Countdown To Insanity 
2.Black Sun 
3.Armageddon [watch video]
4.Lightyears From Home 
7.Mind Control 
8.Magic Eye 
9.Mind Machine 
11.We Go Down 
12.Cold Day In Hell 
Devil's Ground (2004)
Primal Fear - Devil1.Metal Is Forever [watch video]
2.Suicide And Mania 
3.Visions Of Fate 
4.Sea Of Flames [watch video]
5.The Healer [watch video]
6.Sacred Illusion [watch video]
7.In Metal 
9.Colony 13 
10.Wings Of Desire [watch video]
11.Heart Of A Brave [watch video]
12.Devil`s Ground 
Seven Seals (2005)
Primal Fear - Seven Seals1.Demons & Angels 
3.Seven Seals [watch video]
4.Evil Spell [watch video]
5.The Immortal Ones 
7.All For One 
8.Carniwar [watch video]
9.Question Of Honour 
10.In Memory [watch video]
11.The Union 
12.Higher Power 
Metal Is Forever (2006)
Primal Fear - Metal Is Forever1.Metal Is Forever [watch video]
3.Seven Seals [watch video]
4.Nuclear Fire 
5.Final Embrace 
6.The Healer [watch video]
9.Angel in Black 
10.Under Your Spell 
11.Evil Spell [watch video]
12.Running in the Dust 
13.Suicide And Mania 
14.Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove 
16.Tears of Rage 
New Religion (2007)
Primal Fear - New Religion1.Sign Of Fear [watch video]
2.Face The Emptiness 
3.Everytime It Rains 
4.New Religion 
5.a. Fighting The Darkness b. The Darkness c. Reprise [watch video]
6.Blood On Your Hands 
7.The Curse Of Sharon 
8.Too Much Time 
10.World On Fire 
11.The Man (That I Don`t Know) 
16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead!) (2009)
Primal Fear - 16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You1.Before The Devil Knows You`re Dead 
2.Riding The Eagle 
3.Six Times Dead (16.6) [watch video]
4.Black Rain 
5.Under The Radar 
6.5.0 / Torn 
9.No Smoke Without Fire 
10.Night After Night 
11.Smith & Wesson 
12.The Exorcist 
13.Hands Of Time 
16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead!) Limited Edition Digipak (2009)
Primal Fear -  16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You1.Cry Havoc 
3.Video Clip "Six Times Dead" 
Unbreakable (2011)
Primal Fear - Unbreakable1.Blaze Of Glory 
2.Marching Again 
3.And There Was Silence 
4.Night Of The Jumps 
5.Give `Em Hell 
6.Born Again 
7.Where Angels Die 
8.Bad Guys Wear Black [watch video]
10.Metal Nation 
12.Raise Some Hell 
Delivering The Black (2013)
Primal Fear - Delivering The Black1.King For A Day 
2.Rebel Faction 
3.When Death Comes Knocking [watch video]
4.Alive & On Fire 
5.Delivering The Black 
6.Road To Asylum 
7.One Night In December 
8.Never Pray For Justice 
9.Born With A Broken Heart 
10.Innocent Man (deluxe verziós bónuszdal) 
12.Man Without Shadow (deluxe verziós bónuszdal) 
13.When Death Comes Knocking (kislemez változat - deluxe verzió) 
Rulebreaker (2015)
Primal Fear - Rulebreaker1.Angels Of Mercy 
2.The End Is Near 
3.Bullets & Tears 
5.In Metal We Trust 
6.We Walk Without Fear 
7.At War With The World 
8.The Devil In Me; Constant Heart 
9.The Sky Is Burning 
10.Raving Mad; Final Call (a deluxe verzió bónusza) 
11.Don`t Say You`ve Never Been Warned (a deluxe verzió bónusza) 

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