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Psychostick Ének : Rob "Rawrb" Kersey
Gitár : Josh "The J" Key
Dob : Alex "Shmalex/The Boy" Dontre
Bass : Matty J "Moose" Rzemyk

Albumok :

We Couldn't Think of a Title (2006)
2.Scrotal Torment 
3.Two Ton Paperweight 
4.Death Burger! 
5.No Pun Intended 
6.Why, Oh, Why? 
9.Prozak Milkshake 
10.Throwin` Down 
11.I Hate Doing Laundry 
12.Return Of The Death Burger! 
13.Largiloquent Dithgramb 
14.Lizard Sphere X 
15.Orgasm = Love 
16.Good Morning 
17.In A Band To Get Chicks 
18.Fake My Own Death And Go Platinum 
20.Jagermeister Love Song 
The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride (2007)
Psychostick - The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride1.Doom to the World 
2.Holiday Hate 
3.Jolly Old Sadist 
4.hXc VS \m/ 
5.Jingle Bell Metal [donwnload video]
6.Silent Night 
7.Red Snow 
8.Happy Fucking New Year 
Sandwich (2009)
Psychostick - Sandwich1.Metal? 
4.A Lesson in Modesty 
5.P is the Best Letter 
6.Minimum Rage 
7.Don`t Eat My Food 
8.The Hunger Within 
9.Grocery Escape Plan 
10.Too Many Food 
11.This is not a Song, it`s a Sandwich 
12.Girl Directions [donwnload video]
14.Beer, Part 2 
15.Do You Want a Taco? 
16.An Attempt at Something Serious 
17.#1 Radio $ingle 
19.Die... a LOT! 
20.You Got Mail Enhancement 
21.Passive Vengeance 
22.373 Thank Yous 
24.We Ran Out of CD Space 
The Digital Appetizer (2010)
Psychostick - The Digital Appetizer1.Cockblock 
2.Tuff Luv 
Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D (2011)
Psychostick - Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D1.Premature Intoxication 
2.Welcome to the Show 
3.Sadface :( 
4.Because Boobs [donwnload video]
5.Intervention for a Good Mood 
6.Hate Times Eight 
7.It`s Just a Movie, STUPID 
8.Political Bum [donwnload video]
9.That Guy 
10.Six Pounds of Terror 
11.Methane Crescendo 
12.My Clingy Girlfriend 
13.The Root of All Evil 
15.Duh, of Course We Did Outtakes! 

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MetalMurphy, Paranónia, Murder Doll, Yoshi, Black Zakk, Baladzs, HUNnoth, CFH Andrew, tamaska, Damien23, Shakal

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