Six Reasons to Kill Ének : Torsten
Gitár : Marco Andree
Gitár : Loc
Basszer : Matthias Machenheimer
Dob : Florian Dürr
Founded in 1999 when the hybrid of Metal and Hardcore was a strictly underground rooted scene Six Reasons To Kill managed it to improve their sound steady.The starting shot was given with their debut Death Metal-Hardcore-Bastard �Kiss The Demon� containing a midtempo groove-based sound followed by two split-releases (with ABSIDIA and DEADLOCK). Their development towards a more elaborated sound during the early releases is evident. The second full-length �Reborn� marked a point when the sound changed completely to a harmony-added powerful and converging songwriting.�Reborn� got released on Bastardized Recordings in Europe, Tribunal Records in the USA and Gods Child Music in Asia and Japan � a statement for the international demand for their artistic talent.An inflationary amount of changes in the line-up (some members joined CALIBAN and DEADSOIL) obstructed the view forward within the last years. But every loss has its benefits: In the retrospective these circumstances lead to the strongest and most energetic line-up in the history of Six Reasons To Kill.Within the years Six Reasons To Kill played countless shows, festivals and tours throughout Europe from Scotland to Slovenia. with bands from both sides, the Metal- and the Hardcore scene such as Hatebreed (Tour 2001), Hellchild (Tour 1999), Burning Skies (European Tour 2005), Testament, Shadows Fall, Bleeding Through, God Forbid, The Black Dahlia Murder, Morning Again, Vader, Caliban, Napalm Death, Walls Of Jericho, Heaven Shall Burn, Throwdown, Strife and many more.Their lyrics deal with social topics like discrimination, environmental exploitation, racism, war and human rights. The bands supreme goal is to make people think and to tear down some unnecessary walls. They always stand in for tolerance and an open minded attitude.Don�t miss to see Six Reasons To Kill live on one of their electrifying live performances in a city near you.

Albumok :

Kiss the Demon (2000)
Six Reasons to Kill - Kiss the Demon1.Kiss the demon 
2.Inside my shell 
3.As the earth sleeps 
6.In splitted tongues we speak 
7.The voice inside 
8.These days 
9.Knights of the apocalypse 
10.Unknown path 
11.War (japanese bonus track) 
Morphology of Fear (2002)
Six Reasons to Kill - Morphology of Fear1.War 
2.Drown In Frustation 
3.In The Name Of God 
4.Gates To Eternity 
5.Conspiracy Theory 
6.No Longer Willing To Wither 
7.Written In Minor Key 
8.Reversal Of A Broken Hearted 
Deadlock vs. Six Reasons to Kill (Split) (2003)
Six Reasons to Kill - Deadlock vs. Six Reasons to Kill  (Split)	1.A Little Soldier 
2.Thousand Suns 
3.An Eye for an Eye 
4.The End of the World 
5.Dominion of Death 
6.To a Darkened End 
7.Haunted by Memories 
Promo Demo (2004)
 1.Apocalypse Of Reality 
2.Against All Enemies 
Reborn (2005)
Six Reasons to Kill - Reborn1.Symbols of Ignorance 
2.Cutting Away 
4.Against all Enemies 
5.A Cold Sensation 
6.Dying Peace 
7.Last Prayer 
8.Truth Remains 
9.Apocalypse of Reality 
10.Addicted to Love (Life`s Dead End Path) 
Another Horizon (2008)
Six Reasons to Kill - Another Horizon1.Intro 
3.Another Horizon 
4.On This Battlefield 
5.Weak In Darkening [watch video]
7....And Tomorrows Gone 
8.Bleeding Stereo 
9.Massgrave Memorial 
11.Ammunition [watch video]
12.Beside Nowhere 
13.The Hardest Revenge 
Architects Of Perfection (2011)
Six Reasons to Kill - Architects Of Perfection1.Welcome to Forever 
2.My Bitterness 
3.False Absolution 
6.My Poison 
7.Day of the Apocalypse 
8.Scum Belongs to Scum 
9.Wandering Stars 
10.Buried to the Sea 

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